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Discover our leading-range of Essential & Aromatherapy oils online at Planet Organic. Create your own, ideal calming environment with our collection of natural oils derived from pure plant extracts. Whether you're looking for soothing massage oils, blissful lavender scents to improve sleep health, or energising oils to drop in the bath for an invigorating soak, our range of essential oils aim to promote wellbeing and clear the mind.
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Tisserand Rose Absolute Essential Oil (2ml)
BetterYou Magnesium Oil Goodnight Spray (100ml)
Aqua Oleum Lavender Oil (10ml)
Tisserand Peppermint Essential Oil (9ml)
Tisserand Eucalyptus Essential Oil (9ml)
Tisserand Sandalwood Essential Oil (2ml)
OSI Magnesium Body Lotion + Melatonin + OptiMSM (200 ml)
Tisserand Geranium Essential Oil (9ml)
Tisserand Mind Clear Diffuser Oil (9ml)
Tisserand De-Stress Diffuser Oil (9ml)
Tisserand Sleep Better Diffuser Oil (9ml)
Aqua Oleum Orange Oil (10ml)
Tisserand Neroli Essential Oil (2ml)
Tisserand Chamomile Essential Oil (9ml)
OSI Magnesium Body Lotion + OptiMSM (200 ml)
Tisserand Ginger Essential Oil (9ml)
Tisserand Patchouli Essential Oil (9ml)
Aromastick Energy (0.8ml)
Aromastick Calm (0.8ml)
Aromastick Refresh (0.8ml)
Tisserand Rosemary Essential Oil (9ml)
Tisserand Tea Tree Essential Oil (9ml)
OSI Magnesium Cooling Massage Lotion (200 ml)
Aqua Oleum Clove Bud Oil (10ml)
Aqua Oleum Clary Sage Oil (10ml)
Tisserand Bergamot Essential Oil (9ml)
Aqua Oleum Eucalyptus Oil (10ml)
Tisserand Lavender Essential Oil (9ml)
Aqua Oleum Grapefruit Oil (10ml)
OSI Magnesium Oil (100 ml)
Aqua Oleum Witchazel Water (100ml)
Tisserand Frankincense Essential Oil (9ml)
OSI Magnesium Oil + OptiMSM (100ml)
Aqua Oleum Rosemary Oil (10ml)
OSI Magnesium Shea Butter and Almond Oil Body Lotion Enriched with Magnesium (200 ml)
Aqua Oleum Ylang Ylang Oil (10ml)

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