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Fresh Soup & Broths

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Borough Broth Co Chicken Bone Broth (324g) London Fresh
Borough Broth Co Beef Bone Broth (324g) London Fresh
Daylesford Roast Tomato Soup (500ml) London Fresh
Rod & Ben's Lentil Soup (600g) London Fresh
Rod & Ben's Kale & Chickpea Soup (600g) London Fresh
Organic Vegan Broth (500ml) Sale London Fresh
£4.55 £5.69
Ossa The Chicken Broup + salt (500g) London Fresh
Press Refuel Soup (Roast Tomato & Red Quinoa) (500g) Sale London Fresh
Organic Beef Bone Broth with Maca & Sea Spaghetti (300ml) Sale London Fresh
Daylesford Sweet Potato Dahl (550g) Sale London Fresh
£7.19 £8.99
Press Glow Soup (Sweet Potato & Turmeric) (500g) Sale London Fresh
Re:Nourish Power & Love: Red Pepper, Spicy Lentil & Maca Soup (500g) London Fresh
Rod & Ben's Organic Pea and Mint Soup (600g) London Fresh
Press Balance Chunky Broth (Chickpeas & Barley) (500g) Sale London Fresh
Auga Whole Mushrooms (250g)
Re:Nourish Calm: Tomato, Basil and Passion Flower Soup (500g) London Fresh
Press Reset Broth (Barley Miso) (500g) Sale London Fresh
Soupologie Cauliflower & Kale with Black Garlic Soup (600g) London Fresh
Soupologie Turmeric; Carrot and Coconut Soup (600g) London Fresh
Soupologie Spinach & Kale Super Soup (600g) London Fresh
Ossa The Vegan Broth (500g) London Fresh
Press Nourish Soup (Kale & Kelp) (500g) Sale London Fresh
Re:Nourish Digest: Roasted Carrot & Ginger Soup (500g) London Fresh
Re:Nourish Immunity: Kale, Spinach & Turmeric Soup (500g) London Fresh
Daylesford Spiced Chicken Tagine with Apricots & Chickpeas (550g) Sale London Fresh
Daylesford Beef Broth with Pearl Barley & Veg (500ml) London Fresh
Karine & Jeff Provencal Soup (500ml)
Karine & Jeff Moroccan Soup (500ml)
Karine & Jeff Indian Soup (500ml)
Daylesford Coconut Corn Chowder (500ml) London Fresh
Karine & Jeff Thai Coconut Milk Soup (500ml)

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