Welcome to Planet Organic

You can now order the full Planet Organic range to your doorstep, almost anywhere in the UK. This means you can order our unique range of fresh and chilled products, from London-brewed kombucha to organic pineapples, vegan cauliflower pizza to dairy-free coconut kefir, alongside our natural grocery, eco living and health and beauty ranges for delivery nationwide. Plus As Nature Intended customers will receive 20% off their first order when they sign up to our newsletter.

What is happening?

Back in March, Planet Organic acquired As Nature Intended. As part of the acquisition, we are excited to be able to offer the full Planet Organic experience to As Nature Intended customers. We’d love As Nature Intended customers to join us over at planetorganic.com, so have decided to close asnatureintended.uk.com Press the button to find out more about Planet Organic.