Let's make greener choices, together

Now is the time to reflect on what we can all do to make greener choices, together.

Choose organic for our planet

If Europe’s farmland followed organic principles, agricultural emissions would drop by 40–50%.

Organic agriculture boils down to respecting our soil – the resource we cannot feed ourselves without. Organic agriculture leads the way in sustainable agriculture and is better for soil, better for wildlife and better for biodiversity. Organic farm land also stores more carbon.

Reduce waste and plastic

Only 9% of plastic waste ever created has been recycled.

That's why we have moved towards home compostable packaging for Planet Organic branded products, encourage you to refill in store, and are providing ever more plastic-free and zero waste products.

Learn how you can reduce waste and plastic when shopping at Planet Organic here.

Eat more plants

If everyone in the UK swapped just one red meat meal to plant-based per week, it would cut the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions by 50 million tonnes. That's the equivalent of taking 16 million cars off the road.

We're proud to offer a huge range of plant-based alternatives in store, including faux salmon made from carrots and cultured cashew cheese, to make eating more plants easier and more accessible for everyone.

The majority of food made in our kitchens is vegan or vegetarian too. When we use animal products, we use the best-quality organic and sustainable ingredients we can find.

Green Spring Clean

At Planet Organic, we believe natural and non-toxic products are best for both our health and the planet, that's why we only use non-toxic cleaning products in our stores.

By choosing natural cleaning products you are preventing harmful chemical from making their way into our waterways, harming wildlife and our health. 

We're also looking for ways to reduce waste and plastic in our cleaning routines, from refillable cleaning sprays to plastic free dish brushes and cloths. 

The greener choices we make as a business

Sustainability informs all of our choices, from the coffee cups we use in our cafes to what happens to our waste at the end of the day. We know we’re not perfect and there’s always more to do, but sustainability is at the heart of our business and never an afterthought.

Find out more about the greener choices we make here at Planet Organic, from developing home compostable packaging and installing new beauty refills in store to using planet positive printers for store signage and printing.