Behind the Scenes

 “The team at the Muswell Hill store operates as a
close-knit family.”

Sean Brandes, Store Manager, Muswell Hill Store

I started as Goods In Receiver back in 2008; I was promoted to Grocery Duty Manager, then to Store Manager in 2012. I’m from the USA and previously worked in organic and natural food retail. Since working here, I have refined my people management and customer service skills. Working here is fulfilling.
The team at the Muswell Hill store operates as a close-knit family: friendly but hard-working. The culture at Planet is conscientious and caring. I am proud of the values of the company and the vision laid out by the founder, Renée.
No day is typical. There are always lots of various things to do from people management to upholding store standards to networking in the community and growing the business.


“This role teaches me something new every day
whether big or small.”

Chinzalée Sonami, Grocery Buyer, Head Office, Westbourne Grove
The best part of my job is finding a new product or trend that our customers will love.  I enjoy the constant learning opportunities we are faced with every day - the opportunities are endless and exciting!
Planet Organic is a small and dynamic business: it’s a fast paced environment with everyone buzzing about and excited to share what they have just discovered.
Planet Organic is different from other companies I’ve worked for because we are at the forefront of innovation and work hard to maintain this- there is never a dull moment! On a typical day I am organising promotions, new product launches, catching up with suppliers, tasting samples and analysing sales. This role teaches me something new every day whether big or small.

"Whilst working here, I have developed more than I could've imagined"

Will Homer, Stock Controller, Islington Store

This was, and still is, my first job! The team I work with are brilliant. I always feel supported by my team and they know I will support them too. To be honest, it’s part of what’s kept me working here for so many years! Whilst working here, I have developed more than I could’ve imagined. My social skills have improved tremendously. Every day is different; I hate monotony and that is something I’ve not yet found whilst working here.
I’ve not worked for another company, and I don’t intend to! The culture here is bubbly, enthusiastic, and conscientious. I’ve learned huge amounts of information about organic food and about the organic lifestyle as a whole.

“The culture at Planet Organic is diverse. The thing I like most is the people I work with and the flexibility, especially being a mother. This is important to me”

Mubiyna Allain, Purchase Ledger Assistant
Accounts, Head Office, Westbourne Grove

I started as a cashier in 1996. After a couple of years I enquired about positions in the office, which led to me being transferred to the Accounts department doing general office duties and assisting the Accountant at that time.
I enjoy working with my team: most of us have been here for several years and we all get along very well. The culture at Planet is diverse. Working in such an environment has definitely encouraged me to make healthier choices for me and my family. The thing I like most about working here is the people I work with and the flexibility, especially being a mother. This is important to me.

“Planet Organic’s team is very multicultural and I enjoy working with people from different backgrounds.”

Ibne Amin, IT Manager
Head Office, Westbourne Grove

Planet Organic’s team is very multicultural and I enjoy working with people from different backgrounds. You learn a lot about other languages and cultures: I am from the north-west of Pakistan.
I came to England in 2004 and was looking for a job. A friend of mine who was working here suggested Planet Organic. I started as Food to Go Team Member and did that for about 2 years. I then applied for the Store Administrator role. I was successful and did that for 4 years before moving to Accounts in Head Office; I was there for 2 years. Then an opportunity came up in the IT department; I started as IT Administrator and now I am the IT Manager.
The working culture at Planet is quite relaxed, where everyone is easily and happily approachable.  I share the office with the Accounts team. The people there are cool and fun to work with. Working here is fantastic.

“Having the support of my managers to do what I think is good is another great thing I love here.”

Stefan Balushev, Duty Manager, Food to Go, Devonshire Square Store

I’ve worked with so many amazing people - working here is a great pleasure. Planet is a trend-setting company; having the support of my managers to do what I think is good is another great thing I love here. I often get feedback from colleagues about other companies and they talk nicely about Planet, particularly about the time we spend on training and educating our people. I had the pleasure of going on a farm walk and to a coffee roastery for example.
In the last 5 years I’ve seen quite a few changes in my personality and interests; that’s mostly thanks to my work at Planet. I’ve become more disciplined and knowledgeable about a healthy lifestyle.
Many of our regular customers say that we are the third place to be after home and work, which tells me a lot about our service and attitude.


"The thing I most like at Planet Organic is knowing that the ingredients we use to cook food are organic. It makes me really happy that the ingredients are free from harmful chemicals and are environmentally friendly."
Rohit Sharma, Sous Chef, Westbourne Grove Central Production Kitchen

“There’s a lovely team at the Westbourne Grove store.
Very supportive, helpful and friendly.”

Gerda Hinckley, Team Leader, Health and Bodycare, Westbourne Grove store
I’m from South Africa. I studied food science and nutrition and worked as a Food Technician in the food industry (ice cream manufacturing). I wanted to work in the health food industry because I am passionate about a healthy lifestyle, organic products and supplements.
I started at Planet in 2008 as Team Member, Health and Bodycare and was later promoted to Team Leader. There’s a lovely team at the Westbourne Grove store. Very supportive, helpful and friendly. It’s different from other companies I’ve worked for because it’s more laid back and friendly. No day is the same, there’s always something new.
If I could describe in one word what it is like to work here, it would be “fun”.