Sean Brandes, Store Manager, Muswell Hill Store

What year did you start working at Planet Organic? 

What made you apply for the role? 
A lifetime interest in organic foods and a natural, healthy lifestyle
What role did you start in at Planet Organic? 
I started as Goods In Receiver back in 2008; I was promoted to Grocery Duty Manager then to Store Manager in 2012.

What is your background? 
I’m originally from the USA and previously worked in organic and natural food retail. I also worked as a musician and owned a recording studio.
What would you do on a typical day?
No day is typical.  There are always lots of various things to do from people management to upholding store standards to networking in the community and growing the business.
What is the team like and what is it like working with your colleagues? 
The team at the Muswell Hill store operates as a close-knit family: friendly but hard-working.
How would you describe the culture at Planet? 
Conscientious and caring.
What type of development, training or supplier visits have you taken part in and which ones have you most enjoyed?  
First Aid, Fire Warden, Management Development days and numerous supplier trainings.  The supplier visits have been very beneficial and enjoyable. 
How have you grown personally during your time at Planet Organic?
Since working here, I have refined my people management and customer service skills.  While I feel these have always been strong in me, learning the nuances of British culture (and much of the world too since London is obviously very international) has helped me grow personally.
What do you most enjoy about your job? 
I enjoy the interaction with my team and regular customers.
What do you like most about working at Planet Organic? 
I am proud of the values of the company and the vision laid out by the founder, Renée.
How is Planet Organic different from other companies that you have worked for? 
Actually, it is similar to the last company I worked for in the US.
If you were to recruit someone into your team, what qualities would you look for?
An outgoing and friendly personality.  Someone who is comfortable with interacting positively with customers: someone willing to take initiative as well as work hard.
If you could describe in one word what it is like to work at Planet Organic, what would it be?