The greener choices we make as a business

As a business, sustainability informs all of our choices, from the coffee cups we use in our cafes to what happens to our waste at the end of the day. We know we’re not perfect and there’s always more to do, but sustainability is at the heart of our business and never an afterthought.

We believe in organic

We champion organic and natural products because we believe organic agriculture is the most sustainable way to grow food.

We've only ever sold organic fruit and vegetables, all the food and drink we serve from Planet Organic Kitchen is organic and we choose to sell organic products wherever possible.

We are zero edible food waste

In January 2019, we committed to never wasting any edible food again. We partner with food sharing apps Too Good To Go and Olio to make this happen.

Download the Olio and Too Good To Go apps to join the food waste revolution.

We prioritise sustainable packaging

We created our own plant-based home compostable packaging back in 2019, we only use paper bags in store and all of our take away food packaging is compostable or recyclable. 

We use sustainable cardboard, reusable wool-liners and home compostable bags for our online orders too.

We're introducing more Unpackaged refills

We already offer Unpackaged refills in most of our stores, where you can bring your own containers to fill up with grains, rice, nuts, dried fruits and coffee beans.

This April, we’ve upgraded our Unpackaged beauty and toiletry refills, and we’re now offering refills of shampoos, body washes, hand soaps and conditioner in Muswell Hill and Queen’s Park, rolling out to more stores in May.

We encourage you to bring your own

The best packaging is no packaging, so we encourage you to bring reusable bags for your fruit, vegetables and Unpackaged refills. You'll find organic cotton produce bags, jars and tote bags in store.

At our juice and coffee bars, bring your own cup and we'll give you double loyalty card points.

We care about waste 

In store, you'll notice our colour-coded bins for recycling, land fill and food waste, to ensure our waste is recycled and disposed of correctly. 

We use a planet positive printer

We use a company called Seacourt for all of our store menus, signs and printed materials. They use FSC certified recycled paper, send zero waste to landfill are net carbon negative and use 100% renewable energy.