Will Homer, Stock Controller

What year did you start working at Planet Organic?
I’ve been working at Planet Organic since 2008, all my time being at the Islington store.

What made you apply for the role?
I had just left sixth form and needed money to help things progress with my band. I chose Planet Organic over the several clothing retailers I’d also applied to as I liked, and agreed, with the principles of the company.
What role did you start in at Planet Organic/what other roles have you done over the years?
I started as a team member on Food to Go; after spending 4 years learning about the whole shop as time went on, I moved onto serving at the tills, later becoming the Goods In Receiver, which later evolved into my current role of Stock Controller.

What is your background and what were you doing before working at Planet Organic?
This was, and still is, my first job! Before working at Planet Organic I studied music technology and learned how to play guitar. During my time here I’ve been in a band and had a record deal using my holidays to do several tours, including 2 months in America and one trip from Russia to Japan via Australia and Eurasia.

What would you do on a typical day?
I prepare the shop for business each day and order all the items for the Grocery department. I help out with paperwork and assist in other parts of the store (and pretty much anything else anyone needs of me!)

What is the team like and what is it like working with your colleagues?
The team I work with are brilliant. Every person who has joined our store has been friendly and had a positive work ethic. I always feel supported by my team and they know I will support them too. To be honest, it’s part of what’s kept me working here for so many years!

How would you describe the culture at Planet?
Bubbly, enthusiastic, and conscientious.

What type of development, training or supplier visits have you taken part in and which ones have you most enjoyed?
I have attended several coffee training sessions, which are still enjoyable to attend. I’ve also joined two food hygiene trainings, a fire warden and first aid training, a session with one of our suppliers and a group meeting with the founder of Planet Organic, Renée Elliot.

How have you grown personally during your time at Planet Organic?
Whilst working here, I have developed more than I could’ve imagined. My social skills have improved tremendously through working with such social people and through helping out customers. I’ve learned huge amounts of information about organic food and about the organic lifestyle as a whole.

What do you most enjoy about your job?
The variety of people that I get to interact with each day, ranging from our suppliers to delivery drivers and especially our customers.

What do you like most about working at Planet Organic?
Every day is different; I hate monotony and that is something I’ve not yet found whilst working here.

How is Planet Organic different from other companies that you have worked for?
I’ve not worked for another company, and I don’t intend to!

If you were to recruit someone into your team, what qualities would you look for?
Enthusiastic about learning new skills and showing off their current ones, someone who is very self-driven with aspects of their life in and out of work.

If you could describe in one word what it is like to work at Planet Organic, what would it be?