Ziggy Cup (each)

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Product description
Meet Ziggy Cup™, the most comfortable and versatile menstrual cup ever! Its revolutionary flat-fit design is a perfect fit for awoman’s body, and makes Ziggy Cup™ the only reusable cup that can be worn during sex.
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Customer Reviews

09 May 2019
Product Rating:#
Excellent , well packaged and beautifully presented - sure will live up to my expectations
10 August 2018
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Overall ingenious product it does exactly what it claims and once you learn how to properly insert it you can completely forget it's even there or that you're on your period.
It's a shame they don't make these in several sizes because sometimes it popped out from my pubic bone due to it being a little too big or it pressed into my g spot uncomfortably. But if i bore down and really pushed it as far back as i could the placement was perfect.
I felt it didn't have such a large liquid capacity as it claimed due to it being unable to "bowl" as it's flattened in your vaginal canal but even on my heaviest day I only changed it once. Also increasingly difficult to change this in a public bathroom because it's rather messy to remove and clean so I'd recommend doing this in the shower.
It's revolutionized period sex as well because there is zero mess and so it feels exactly the same as normal sex...so much so that my partner wasn't even aware that I was on my period and I forgot too!
06 April 2018
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I'm a regular cup user. This one took a little getting used to because it sits differently in the body. I recommend watching the video on their website. After figuring it out, it was all good. It's very comfortable.