Bone Broth… health fad or fundamental?

Bone Broth… health fad or fundamental?

We spoke to Catherine Farrant, CEO & Founder of the UK’s first bone broth Ossa Organic. We discussed the importance of gut health, the benefits of bone broth and why it’s a must-have in her kitchen.

What inspired you to start Ossa Organic?

It all started whilst I was pregnant with my first son Jack. At the time I became fascinated with ancestral nutrition and when searching for an organic and natural way to nourish and support my health, I found bone broth.

The more I researched, the more I began to realise the power behind the statement ‘food is medicine’ and what they meant by ‘chicken soup for the soul’. Bone broth is so much more than a stock, it is an ancient remedy that has been made and enjoyed across a wide variety of cultures for thousands of years… used to heal and restore the body in times of stress and illness.

After learning the benefits of broth, especially those for prenatal and postpartum health, I started making my own at home. I began visiting my local organic butcher for their off-cut bones and started slow-cooking my own broth on the hob for around 24 hours, sometimes more. It was then, exhausted of making my own that I realised that there wasn’t an equivalent bone broth available to buy. I decided that it was time to share an alternative, something far from processed fast foods and bringing traditional nutrition to our supermarket shelves.

What are the benefits of bone broth?

Unlike your average stock, the secret to bone broth’s nutritional profile is in it’s slow cooking - A good bone broth must be cooked and simmered for at least 24 hours to release the maximum collagen, protein and amino acids from the bones. These essential proteins, vitamins and minerals like glycine, proline and magnesium have a host of benefits from helping seal the gut and strengthen immunity to improving mood, promoting a good night’ sleep, promoting youthful skin and stronger hair and nails.

Why is it important for gut health? 

At Ossa we always talk about the importance of gut health and its link to the brain. Up to 90% of serotonin, the feel-good hormone, is made in the gut. What you eat affects not only your immune system but how you think and feel too. 

Collagen protein can help to seal the gut and amino acids, glycine, proline and magnesium act as a broom for our digestive tract to promote a healthy balance of bacteria. That’s why adding collagen protein and amino acid rich foods like bone broth into your diet is so important to maintain a healthy microbiome.

What small changes in the kitchen would you recommend for someone starting their wellness journey?

It all starts with changing your perspective - embrace a holistic view on wellbeing, of which food can play a key role.

Big changes can happen from little steps, even a small swap from cooking with modified seed oil to natural fats like tallow, butter and ghee can make a difference. Another step is to minimise toxins in your household, eating organic where possible and paying close attention to ingredients even in your beauty and cleaning -  I always say if it looks like a word from a science lab it doesn’t have a place in your kitchen or home!

When I feed myself and my children, I not only consider what is tasty and what is easy (especially when you have three young kids!) but also the provenance and real nutritional value of the food we eat. Modern diets can lack much of the vital nutrition that we used to receive from eating nose to tail, so adding collagen protein to our meals either with broth or with collagen powder gives me peace of mind that I am giving nutritious meals to my family.  

What are quick and easy ways to incorporate bone broth and collagen protein into your diet?

I start my day caffeine free with a cup of Bone Broth, either heated straight up, with some chilli flakes or bulletproof style, blended with ghee, collagen and mct oil. But if you’re not wanting to give up your morning latte that bone broth can be added to almost any dish. My boys’ favourite is bone broth rice, noodles and mash potato which is as easy as steaming in, boiling in and adding a splash to cooking. Our new Bone Broth Boosts are heat sealed and can be kept in the cupboard for whenever you need a broth fix.

Our new certified grass fed collagen peptides are 100% soluble and unflavoured so perfect for mixing with water. For breakfast, we often add them to pancakes or turmeric porridge for a morning dose of natural protein and amino acids.