Which Vitamix is best for me?

Which Vitamix is best for me?

Not sure which Vitamix model is best for your lifestyle and needs? Our guide below will help you compare the different Vitamix models to decide which Vitamix is best for you.

All of the Vitamix models we sell here at Planet Organic are suitable for making smoothies and juices, baby food, dips and spreads, cocktails, nut butters, grinding flours, nuts or spices, making soups and dough. However each model has different features.

The below table shows the various features on each model. Further information on each of the Vitamix features can be found below the table.

A2300i Vitamix E310 Vitamix A2500i Vitamix A3500i
Price £499 £399 £599 £699
Program Settings No No Yes Yes
Variable Speed Control Yes Yes Yes Yes
Touch-Screen Control No No No Yes
Pulse Yes Yes Yes Yes
Built-In Timer Yes No Yes Yes
Self-Detect Technology Yes No Yes Yes
Compatible with Cup Containers Yes No Yes Yes
Compatible with Bowl Containers Yes No Yes Yes
Container Size 2L 1.4L 2L 2L
Length 27.94cm 28cm 27.94cm 27.94cm
Width 20.32cm 20cm 20.32cm 20.32cm
Height 43.18cm 46cm 42.18cm 43.18cm
Weight 6.93kg 4.76kg 6.93kg 8.3kg
Warranty 10 Years 5 Years 10 Years 10 Years

Program Settings: Vitamix has set programmes to ensure your results are consistent and they also mean that you can walk away and it will stop blending once the program is completed. These programs include smoothies, hot soups, dips & spreads and frozen desserts. There is also a self-cleaning program to make cleaning your Vitamix a breeze.

Variable Speed Control: You can vary your speed on all Vitamix models that Planet Organic stocks to give you more precise textures, from chunky to smooth.

Touch-Screen Control: Vitamix A3500i's touch screen control streamlines the machine's silhouette and makes it easier to wipe clean after use.

Built-In Timer: The Vitamix Ascent models' built-in programmable timer can be set to stop blending automatically.

Self-Detect Technology: A trade marked feature of the Vitamix Ascent series, Self-Detect Technology means that your blender will recognise which container you're using and adjust the blend settings depending on the container's size.

Container Size: The size of container that comes in the box as standard with your Vitamix blender. You can purchase more container sizes to personalise your Vitamix to best suit your needs.

Warranty: Vitamix machines from Planet Organic come with either a 5 or 10 year warranty from the manufacturer. We recommend to register your purchase with Vitamix upon receiving your unit.