Our top No & Low Alcohol Drinks

Our top No & Low Alcohol Drinks

Looking for delicious alcohol-free alternatives? Whether you’re going sober for October, are pregnant, trying mindful drinking or simply curious, we’ve done the hard work for you. From an alternative whisky to alcohol-free wine, it’s time to bid farewell to soda and lime with our top five alcohol-free drinks. 


Three Spirit Nightcap 

Best For: Whisky lovers 

Flavours of: Lemon balm, wood and spice 

Love an old fashioned? You’re in luck with Three Spirit’s aged spirit alternative made from tree saps, aromatic plants and notes of wood and spice. A slow sipper made to help you unwind, the mixture of lemon balm, hops and ashwagandha, soothe the mind and body after a long day. 



Mother Root 

Best For: Winter warmers 

Flavours of: Ginger, honey and chilli  

Golden yellow in colour, this fiery and fresh drink is a blend of zingy ginger, mellow blossom honey and a lick of chilli heat. With all the romance of your favourite alcoholic drinks, but without a unit in sight this delicious drink is made using traditional methods of aperitif wine making. But rather than using a base wine, apple cider vinegar is used for acidity and to supercharge the fresh, natural ingredients. 


LA Brewery Sparkling English Rose Kombucha 

Best for: Sparkling wine fans 

Flavours of: Rose petals and wild elderflower 

Described as a refreshingly effervescent champagne alternative inspired by summer’s fresh flowers and an ode to the rich heritage of English sparkling wine. LA Brewery’s beautifully bottled kombucha is our go-to for special occasions. Made in Devon, this combines crisp kombucha with organic white rose petals and wild elderflower for a delicately dry drink with a floral twist. All the taste with none of the alcohol.  


Sentia Red Gaba Spirit 

Best for: A rich, delicious drink 

Flavours of: Spiced berries and florals 

Like a cross between a Bloody Mary and mulled wine, Sentia is the world’s first GABA spirit. Designed to enhance your brains natural GABA, which is renowned for a sense of lightness and relaxation, Sentia’s scientists have designed a drink to offer what we want from alcohol, without the alcohol (bonus: it tastes good too). 


Three Spirit Blurred Lines 

Best for: Wine Lovers 

Flavours of: Apple blossom and lime 

The perfect alternative to your favourite white wine, this crisp bottle is made with rare teas, British fruits and ferments, and active plants. Fresh, aromatic and light, this white wine alternative is designed to be savoured on its own or alongside food. Cheers.