Vegan Protein Sources for Fitness Training and Boosting Energy

Vegan Protein Sources for Fitness Training and Boosting Energy

High protein vegan foods to hit your macros If you’re exercising regularly, training for a competition or living a busy lifestyle, you’ll want vegan protein foods that can help you reach your nutritional goals easily.

It’s easy to make simple adjustments to meet your individual protein needs. Add a high protein vegan spread, such as a Biona nut butter, to your morning toast, or drink an organic hemp protein shake after a training session. High quality vegan protein sources - including oats, soybeans, hempseeds, chia seeds, nuts and nut butters - feature in our extensive range of vegan food products, so you can nourish your body pre and post workout.

Our favourite vegan protein bars

When you need a quick and nutritious snack on the go, protein bars won’t disappoint.
Rather than using whey protein, the best vegan protein bars use soy, pea and rice protein powder - often packing in just as much protein in as their non-vegan counterparts. Vegan protein bars have exploded with popularity in the UK, and rightly so. There’s a bar to suit every craving, diet or taste.

Following a keto diet?

The Pulsin Chocolate Fudge & Peanut Keto Bar is as indulgent and satisfying as it sounds, with over 12g of protein per bar. Prefer raw vegan protein bars? A firm favourite is our own Planet Organic Raw Protein Bar with almond butter and chocolate chips, with 10g of protein. Go traditional with vegan protein flapjacks - we can’t get enough of the Trek Cocoa Coconut Flapjack, containing 9g of protein.

Vegan protein balls are the healthy snack you’ve always dreamed of. We love The Protein Ball Co Peanut Butter + Jam - with six bitesized protein balls, they keep you going all day. Looking for an option without added sugar? There are plenty of vegan no sugar protein bars, try the Pulsin Chocolate Fudge & Peanut Keto Bar with less than 2g of sugar per bar.
Planet Organic Raw Protein Bar Espresso Mocha 50g
Planet Organic Raw Protein Bar Almond Butter & Choc Chip 50g
Planet Organic Raw Protein Bar Almond Butter & Coconut 50g

Vegan Protein Shakes Vs Smoothies

Vegan protein drinks are the fastest and easiest way to up your protein before or after exercise - or whenever you need to refuel.

A vegan protein drink is convenient to reach for when you’re on the go, but if you have more time at home, you can get inventive with your own homemade recipes. It’s also easier to tailor your own recipes to your fitness goals, for example, vegan protein shakes for weight gain or vegan green smoothies for weight loss.

The best vegan protein shake or smoothie comes down to your individual goals and favourite ingredients. We've got an amazing range of smoothies and shakes we know you’ll love – perfect for any time of the day.

A vegan protein smoothie or shake is a great way kick start your day and keep you feeling full throughout the morning, especially if you’ve been training. Switch out your usual matcha latte with a Japanese-grade matcha-flavoured protein shake, or add an unflavoured protein powder to your favourite smoothie.

For that creamy flavour and texture, we think the best plant based protein smoothies or shakes are made with dairy-free milk. We’ve tried coconut, rice, almond and oat milk, but almond milk wins in this recipe. If you’re drinking plant based protein shakes for weight loss, try our green low calorie vegan protein shake recipe, perfect for supporting a great immune system too.

If you’re exercising later in the day or feeling the cold, a vegan protein hot chocolate can feel like a real treat. Mix your favourite chocolate-flavoured protein powder in with cacao powder and warm dairy-free milk for additional boost of nutrients and antioxidants.

Form Superblend Protein Vanilla 520g
Form Superblend Protein Chocolate Salted Caramel 520g
Form Nutrition Toffee Protein Powder 520g

Fuel Your Body With High Protein Vegan Snacks

Whenever you burn a lot of energy or simply need to refuel, pick from our range of high protein vegan snacks to help your body recover, repair and reenergise. It’s not only protein your body needs after an intense run or climb, it’s carbohydrates too. That’s why vegan protein cake or vegan protein cookies can be the perfect mid or post workout food.

For endurance sports such as cycling or hiking, you may want to eat little and often. Vegan protein snack balls are great for giving you that bump of energy before your next meal or exercise stage. Remember, for the best high protein vegan snacks to be effective - to give you energy and boost muscle recovery - aim to eat within 45 minutes of exercising.