How to waste less with Ecover

How to waste less with Ecover

Always wondered who the most planet friendly Mr Men and Little Miss is? Introducing Little Miss Waste Less, created in collaboration with Ecover

The hope is that Little Miss Waste Less will inspire future generations to waste less and practice good environmentally-friendly habits, such as using refill stations. With her blue body and green ponytail, Little Miss Waste Less is illustrated to represent Earth, and was designed to help parents educate their children on being kind to the planet.

Wondering what her main piece of advice is?

- The secret to wasting less doesn’t need to be complicated; just try to reuse more. When it comes to your household products, that actually makes a lot of sense – after all, why recycle an old bottle to make a new bottle, when you already have one?

- Reuse your carrier bags

- Repairs her socks and clothes

- Reusing plastic where you can

- Recycling rainwater

AND our favourite of all

Encouraging everyone to use refill stations (just like our Ecover refill stations at Planet Organic). By the end of 2022, Ecover aim to help people refill their Ecover bottles over 3 million times in the UK*. Which would be the equivalent of one refill every 10 seconds. Head to any Planet Organic store to help Little Miss Waste Less and Ecover on their mission to reduce plastic waste. With 300 million tonnes* of plastic thrown away a year, refill your washing liquid, soaps, cleaning items and more with us.

Discover the full Ecover range here and download your very own Little Miss Waste Less book here.