Vegan Chocolate

If you’re wondering what vegan chocolate is available, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our extensive range of vegan chocolate here at Planet Organic. Our range includes everything from vegan chocolate bars and vegan milk chocolate to vegan hot chocolate and vegan sugar-free chocolate options - and we’ve got plenty of vegan chocolate in sustainable, plastic-free packaging too. Choose from our own Planet Organic brand vegan chocolate bars and other products or from other trusted brands such as Vivani, Pana, Pico, Ombar and others. 100% plant-based ingredients and totally cruelty-free production mean you can be confident all our chocolate products support your vegan lifestyle choices.

Find all of your vegan chocolate choices here, made with only organic and natural ingredients. If you’re looking for vegan chocolate bars, vegan chocolate boxes, vegan chocolate hampers or other vegan chocolate gifts, we have a great selection of these too.