Vegan Chocolate

If you’re wondering what vegan chocolate is available, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our extensive range of vegan chocolate here at Planet Organic. Our range includes everything from vegan chocolate bars and vegan milk chocolate to vegan hot chocolate and vegan sugar-free chocolate options - and we’ve got plenty of vegan chocolate in sustainable, plastic-free packaging too. Choose from our own Planet Organic brand vegan chocolate bars and other products or from other trusted brands such as Vivani, Pana, Pico, Ombar and others. 100% plant-based ingredients and totally cruelty-free production mean you can be confident all our chocolate products support your vegan lifestyle choices.

Find all of your vegan chocolate choices here, made with only organic and natural ingredients. If you’re looking for vegan chocolate bars, vegan chocolate boxes, vegan chocolate hampers or other vegan chocolate gifts, we have a great selection of these too.

Vegan Chocolate

Whether you are just starting on a vegan diet or committed to the lifestyle, we have created this vegan chocolate guide to help you make choices. With a huge range of vegan products available online, we have plenty of advice and tips to pass on.

Can vegans eat chocolate?

Yes. There are plenty of chocolates and chocolate products that are 100% plant-based and animal product and cruelty free. Vegans are well served whether you eat chocolate on its own, add it to a cake or make any other chocolate-based recipes. As always, it's a question of checking the ingredients carefully. Milk, for example, is probably the biggest ingredient to watch out for. Some chocolates use fats, whey powders and other solids derived from milk as ingredients if not milk itself. Egg-based ingredients are common too. Even some sugars use animal products in their refining processes. Do always check carefully.

Is vegan chocolate healthy?

As it contains dairy alternatives, many people do consider vegan chocolate to be a healthier choice. You should however consider sugar content, fats and calories too. Vegan chocolate can be high in all of them, That said, a bar of the right vegan dark chocolate that has no added sugar is probably a wise choice in comparison to alternatives.

Does vegan chocolate melt?

Yes. Vegan chocolate melts just like milk chocolate. Vegan chocolate is often made from cocoa butter rather than dairy-based fat but it still melts if it gets too warm. Do store it carefully to avoid waste.

Is vegan chocolate dairy-free?

True vegan chocolate will have no dairy as milk and butter are animal-derived products. There are two choices when it comes to recipes. Dark 'raw' chocolate is often simply cacao-based with no dairy in the recipe. Vegan milk chocolates will replace dairy ingredients with plant-based alternatives such as almond or coconut milk.

Is vegan chocolate gluten-free?

Most chocolates are gluten-free, including vegan options, as chocolate does not naturally contain cereal proteins. However, ingredients that are commonly added to chocolate may contain gluten so it is always important to check ingredients carefully.

What is vegan chocolate made out of?

Vegan chocolate often contains simple ingredients such as raw cacao and cacoa butter. Of course, you can add plant-based other ingredients and flavourings. Vegan chocolate also therefore often contains nuts, fruits and herbs and spices. Vanilla is common for example.

Where can I buy vegan chocolate?

If you’re wondering where to pick up vegan chocolate treats or how to stock up on your favourite vegan chocolate staples, there are a range of helpful products available through Planet Organic’s vegan range. It is all available for UK delivery too.