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Organic - certified Organic by an internationally recognised certifying body.


Vegetarian - contains no meat or fish.



Vegan - contains no animal products.

Certified Gluten Free

Certified Gluten Free - certified Gluten Free at less than 10ppm.

No Gluten

No Gluten - not certified, but contains no gluten containing ingredients

Low Sugar

Low Sugar - less than 5g sugar/100g in food. Less than 2.5g sugar/100ml in drinks.

Collagen for Skin

Collagen for Skin

We’ve talked about collagen before and the role it plays in the human body to support bones, teeth, skin, nails and ligaments. The most abundant protein in the human body, collagen is essential to our health. Collagen products are on the increase and collagen beauty can be found everywhere in modern skincare. That’s because the benefits of collagen for our skin are plentiful, as collagen and elastin (another protein found inside the body) are in charge of keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay.

Our body’s natural collagen production levels decrease as we age and the collagen we do produce when we get older is of a lesser quality. To combat this drop in production and to keep our skin looking youthful and radiant, we can supplement collagen with collagen powders, collagen creams and other forms of collagen products for the skin.

Collagen Benefits For The Skin

Consider collagen the building blocks of your skin’s health - without it our skin would age at a rapid speed. As our natural collagen production decreases, our skin becomes more susceptible to sagging, wrinkling and loss of firmness. Studies have shown that taking collagen for the skin increases the collagen levels within our bodies and can thereby improve wrinkle depth and skin elasticity. People who supplement collagen or use collagen skin care, also report a general improvement in youthfulness and radiance in their skin's health. Studies are leaning towards marine collagen supplements as having the most beneficial impact on our skin health. Collagen derived from fish contains smaller pieces of peptides (protein pieces), making the collagen nearly twice as easy to be digested and absorbed throughout the body.

Collagen Supplements For Skin

You can supplement collagen for your skin through the use of collagen powders, collagen tablets, collagen oils and even collagen coffees. The possibilities are wide and varied, so we recommend finding the best collagen supplement for your skin through some trial and testing.

We touched on the benefits of marine collagen for the skin, so it’s at the top of our list as a forerunner in collagen skincare.

Planet Paleo Marine Collagen 195g

Planet Paleo Marine Collagen is our marine collagen of choice. 100% sourced from wild, sustainably caught fish off the coast of France. The fishermen are committee to responsible and sustainable fishing practices & they source fish solely from their natural habitat and never from farms. The taste is neutral, so this collagen protein is perfect for mixing into any smoothie, soup, or drink recipe of your choice.

Q+A Collagen Face Cream

Q+A Collagen Face Cream is the perfect way to fit collagen oil benefits into your skincare routine. Q+A's cream has been specially formulated using a collagen based active derived from seaweed. This cream helps boost collagen production whilst hydrating and soothing the skin. This wrinkle-preventing cream helps improve skin firmness, suppleness and elasticity. This is a plant based collagen so any vegetarians interested in collagen beauty can enjoy this vegan collagen source freely.

Taking collagen for skin is a great way to advance your skincare routine and help improve your skin's appearance. We provide a range of the best collagen supplements for you to choose from so you can be sure to find the best collagen for both you and your skin.

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