The benefits of glass versus plastic bottles

The benefits of glass versus plastic bottles

- including baby bottles - but, because they were considered breakable, the bottles became almost obsolete upon the introduction of a plastic alternative. At the time of course, the concerns over potential harmful chemicals within the plastic were not apparent. And even though many plastic consumables are now BPA free (considered a potentially harmful plastic chemical), some academics argue that further discoveries of harmful components may still lie uncovered. A focus in the media recently on the dangers of leaving plastic water bottles in sunlight for example simply highlights this fact further. As this research continues to evolve, many of us are becoming more and more conscious and engaged with these concerning issues. 

Aside from the health benefits, glass is easier to clean than plastic and can be sterilised very quickly in boiling water – a huge benefit when thinking about baby bottles in particular. Glass bottles last a lot longer than plastic alternatives and are also easily recyclable. In general, glass is considered a better material for the environment and kinder to our bodies too. Many of our Lifefactory products (a new arrival for us here at Planet Organic) are made from soda lime or borosilicate glass, which is a lot lighter and easier to transport than you might first think. There can be a worry on the weight of carrying a glass bottle around, but with this range, our buying team were pleasantly surprised and didn’t see this as a negative at all.  

So, fast forward to the present day, and the clever people at ‘Lifefactory ‘are bringing back safe-use glass bottles to the shop-floor, thanks to their distinctive silicon wrap that not only looks gorgeous, but is also pretty practical in protecting your bottle from breaking. Often referred to as the safe, simple and smart drinkware collection, this forward thinking design co. from sunny California pride themselves on producing a responsibly sourced range that is functional, re-useable and looks pretty great too.

Yes Lifefactory is the go-to brand for health aware and eco-minded adults on the hunt for hydration product innovations to enjoy whilst at home, on-the-go and for feeding the little ones. Here our web editor share’s five of our favourite Lifefactory products now available both in-store and online here at Planet organic 

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Top of the list is this gorgeous:
Baby bottle (120ml)

1. Produced in the highest quality, thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass (allowing the bottles to transition safely from freezer to boiling water), the silicone sleeve also provides a good gripping surface for little hands and helps protect against the occasional drop (although being made from glass they are not completely unbreakable). And as baby grows, we also offer a range of caps to extend the life span of your bottle also. SHOP NOW

Royal Purple Baby Bottle (250ml)

2.The 250ml Royal Purple Baby Bottle for the larger appetite is pretty adorable too...SHOP NOW


Glass Travel Mug (350ml)

3. Just in! We totally heart this 350ml glass travel mug by Lifefactory. The distinctive silicone sleeve also helps keep a hot beverage warm and your hands cool.SHOP NOW

Ocean Glass Bottle - Sport cap (475ml)
4. Introducing the Ocean glass bottle with straw cap (475ml). The non-slip gripping surface helps prevent against breakage. SHOP NOW

Glass Bottle - Classic cap (475ml)
5. And the raspberry glass bottle with classic cap (475ml) also makes a perfect addition when out and about too! SHOP NOW