The Importance of Hydration
The Importance of Hydration

The Importance of Hydration

Monday, 11th April 2016

There’s no denying. It’s important that your body gets and stays hydrated all through the day.
Water helps in transporting nutrients through the body, promotes functioning, and regulates body temperature through perspiration, essentially making it the most crucial constituent in your body.
Proper hydration is vital for energy formation and conservation. Water is the medium in which all metabolic reactions occur and accounts for 60 percent of the body weight.
Most adults require about 8-ounce glasses of water daily or half your weight in oz. For those working out, you will require an extra two cups of water for each pound lost during exercise.
Why H2O is Important!
Reduces Fatigue
Water doesn’t supply energy in the exact manner fats and carbohydrates do, but it plays a central part in energy transformation. Water is the medium in which all energy reactions occur. In an event, you get dehydrated; you may feel lethargic & experience muscle cramping.
Your system functions at a lower rate and body endurance suffers. Athletes & Sportsmen need to be vigilant as they are prone to get dehydrated easily due to an amplified physical routine.

Aids Weight Loss
Water intake raises body’s capacity to metabolize stored fat and suppresses hunger naturally. Studies have revealed that a decrease in water ingestion may augment fat deposits while increased water intake can and in fact, reduces fat deposits.
This is likely, as less amount of water reduces the efficiency of the kidneys that eventually effects your liver functioning.
One of the primary functions of the liver is to process stored fat into usable energy. It metabolizes less fat while handling functions normally performed by the kidneys. This slows down the fat burning process and subsequently a reduction in weight loss.
Reduces Fluid Retention
Dehydration is perceived by the body as a danger to survival and starts to hold to each drop. Water then becomes stored in extracellular spaces (outside the cell) which can lead to swollen extremities. (Feet, legs and hands)
Diuretics provide a short-term solution but might cause more damage than good if abused. This is so because diuretics remove water along with other essential nutrients.
In addition, this conditioning is perceived by the body as a risk and replaces the lost water in the very first chance. This causes fluid retention and bloating once more. This issue can, however, be eliminated by frequent drinking of water.
Helps Build Muscle
To help carry waste from the body and nutrients to your own cells, water is needed. It helps to form the structures of glycogen and protein.
To be able to move and contract muscle tissue, you need water. In case the body is dehydrated, muscle tissues are going to be deprived of electrolytes and will cramp.
With water and electrolyte imbalance, muscle strength and control may also be impaired since muscles are controlled by nerves.
It is, therefore, fundamental that you keep hydrated for muscle building and demonstrating optimum performance in your fitness center.

Last Words -
Many a times, we’ve heard people asking, what’s the right amount for those liquid levels, however there’s no law. Just like you don’t confine yourself while going for Superfoods and its extracts, water is equally invigorating and healthful in keeping your spirits high. Keep yourself hydrated enough that you feel like hitting the restroom every 3-4 hours.

Remember to check out your fluid intake the next time you have a dry mouth or haven’t had a chance to leave your workstation for a lavatory trip.

Jenny Travens

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12 Apr 2016
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Wow thats very interesting. But I have heard of people drowning by drinking too much water also shocking the body by drinking ice cold water first thing in the morning? So I don't know how much to drink & at the right temperature. Does water in tea count as part of yr daily intake of water? Thankyou xx
Reply by Planet Organic Hi Lorraine, Jenny Travens recommends in her article to drink about 8-ounce glasses of water daily or half your weight in oz. Some people find warm water and lemon in the morning easier to take rather than ice cold water. Tea counts as your daily intake of water. Try herbal tea or water infused with fruits. Enjoy :)

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