The Ultimate Guide to Manuka Honey

The Ultimate Guide to Manuka Honey

Not all honey is created equal. Step in manuka honey aka the crown jewel of the honey world. Wondering what makes it so special? Here’s why you should add manuka honey to your wellness repertoire.

What is manuka honey?

Named after the bush which the bees pollinate, manuka honey is a dark honey that’s native to New Zealand. Manuka honey contains active compounds, which give it natural antimicrobial properties – and it this what makes it different from regular honey.

What makes manuka honey so special?

There's a naturally occurring chemical, called methylglyoxal (MGO), found in the nectar of manuka plants, which gives manuka honey extra antimicrobial benefits. This honey has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and prebiotic properties.

What is the UMF trademark?

UMF stands for Unique Manuka Factor, which is given to registered licensed beekeepers, producers and exporters of genuine manuka honey.

Why does manuka honey have numbers?

Manuka honey is sold with a rating or number that indicates the antibacterial strength of active honey. In short, the higher the number, the higher the antimicrobial activity in the honey. Though depending on what you need from your manuka honey, a higher rating doesn’t necessarily mean better. If you want to use manuka honey to help heal a wound, then you do need a higher potency, but this isn’t necessary for a sore throat or eating.

What are the benefits of taking manuka honey?

Thanks to its high levels of MGO, research has shown that manuka honey can be effective for wound healing, improving oral hygiene and gut health, plus soothing sore throats. However, we don’t recommend having more than 2 tablespoons of manuka honey a day, due to its high sugar content.

Our go-to manuka honey brands:


Say hello to 100% raw, carbon-neutral and biodiversity-positive honey. Harvested, extracted and packaged in New Zealand at the multi award-winning Tahi eco reserve, this manuka honey is unpasteurised and free from any added water or sugar. Even better, each delicious pot is fully traceable to the source, aka the eco-friendly location that was named Best Sustainable Business in New Zealand in 2020. Working to make the world a better place, 100% of Tahi profits go directly to conservation work.


Just as nature intended, all Steens honey is raw and unpasteurised to retain all the goodness. The secret lies in their special technique - when separating off the wax, using their proprietary whole comb technology™, they maintain temperatures that occur naturally in the beehive. This controls any unwanted fermentation in the honey, so ensures the moisture content of the honey is kept

within very strict parameters. Delicious. Wondering where your honey has come from? Each jar has a traceability code on, so you can trace it back to the source where it was harvested.

Taku Manuka Honey

Harvested 2000 feet above ground level over a period of six weeks, Taku Manuka Honey is sourced from some of the most remote and pristine regions of New Zealand. Named after the Māori word for 'mine', this UMF certified honey brings this traditional favourite to everyone. Perfect for adding to hot drinks, or simply enjoyed straight off the spoon, this delicious manuka honey is made in New Zealand with love and care.

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