How to Strengthen Your Immune System Whilst Pregnant

How to Strengthen Your Immune System Whilst Pregnant


Are you concerned about how to keep your immune system strong during pregnancy? Here at Planet Organic, our extensive range of natural and organic nutritional supplements are innovatively designed and scientifically proven to help support you during all three trimesters. Your trust and reliance on immune-boosting supplements is important to us at Planet Organic. That’s why all our pregnancy supplements are eco-friendly, sustainably sourced and every product is plastic-free, recyclable or biodegradable. 


It is essential to boost and strengthen your immunity during pregnancy to meet your body’s increasing demands. Nourishing your immune system not only aids in increasing your energy levels and digestive health but is critical for your baby’s brain development and growth. 



How is the Immune System Affected During Pregnancy? 


Pregnancy affects every system in your body. This means the many changes in hormone levels and immune system function can increase your vulnerability to infections, colds and flu. Your immune system is one of the most important systems protecting both you and your baby against the environment. During pregnancy, your immune system becomes weakened and changes to prevent your body from rejecting the foetus, as it is identified as a foreign body. The result of this means different parts of your immune system are enhanced whilst others are suppressed. Immunity is low during pregnancy and the last thing you want is getting sick, so it’s important to actively support and strengthen your immune system.


Take Probiotics Regularly 


What are probiotics? Probiotics are friendly live microorganisms (bacteria and yeasts) with important health benefits to boost your immune system during pregnancy. Increasing your probiotic intake whilst pregnant stimulates the systemic immune response within your body, supporting a healthy pregnancy and mitigating constipation. 


Probiotics are naturally found in these foods: 

  •     Yoghurt 
  •     Kefir 
  •     Kombucha 
  •     Buttermilk 
  •     Miso 
  •     Tempeh 


Prioritise Sleep and Wellbeing 


Getting plenty of rest and time to relax is one of the most effective ways to prevent a low immune system when pregnant. Prioritising a good night’s sleep may be easier said than done but it is important to remember that your body is working overtime to support and nurture your growing baby. Focusing on sleep and your overall physical and mental wellbeing is integral to staying healthy and strong whilst pregnant. 


Find yourself struggling with sleep? Don’t panic, add these simple steps into your night-time routine and help yourself get better sleep: 

  •     Develop a relaxing bedtime routine 
  •     Regulate your bed and wake time
  •     Limit your exposure to electronics earlier in the evening
  •     Limit your caffeine intake 
  •     Relieve stress with guided meditation 


Incorporating natural sleep aids can also transform your quality of sleep. Find the perfect sleep aid to combat your exact rest and sleep challenges at Planet Organic’s Rest and Sleep Shop.


Sanitise Regularly 

During pregnancy, you are at a higher risk of being infected with viruses or bacteria as you have a weakened immune system during pregnancy. This means it’s important to correctly sanitise yourself and your home against harmful environmental factors. Whilst on the go hand sanitiser is a safe and effective option, although once home, soap and water should be your top choice. Washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water is not only gentler on your skin but ensures you’re clean and germ-free, stopping any spread within your home. 


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Eat a Healthy and Nutritious Diet 


Naturally enhancing your immunity in pregnancy can be achieved by eating a healthy and balanced diet high in vegetables, fruit, and protein. Focusing on your nutrition whilst pregnant is a top priority for your immune system to support in the fight against infection and viruses. Safely and naturally boosting your immune system while pregnant can be achieved by increasing your consumption of fruit and vegetables, speeding up recovery if you do get unwell by providing essential vitamins and minerals. 


Recommended foods for pregnant mothers: 

  •     Protein: increase your protein intake to replenish your body’s energy levels and strength. Meat, eggs, nuts, and leafy vegetable aid in immunity for you and your baby. 
  •     Green leafy vegetables: fuelling your body with much-needed vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants will help maintain a strong immune system. The more colourful your plate the better! 
  •     Kiwis: did you know one kiwi provides around half of your daily vitamin C requirements? Vitamin C is essential for a healthy immune system, so stock up on those kiwis. 
  •     Garlic: along with boosting your immune system, garlic enhances your body’s disease-fighting response of white blood cells. 
  •     Turmeric: turmeric’s natural defence properties moderate the immune system and make it ideal for battling a cold or flu when pregnant.


Increase your Vitamin Intake 


Pregnancy requires special dietary support to protect your body and baby. Meet your pregnancy nutrition with immune system vitamins for pregnancy to help you achieve optimal overall health when you need it most. 


Focus on these vitamins and minerals during your pregnancy: 

  •     Folic acid 
  •     Iron 
  •     Calcium 
  •     Vitamin D
  •     Choline 
  •     Omega-3 fatty acids 


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Pregnancy can be tough without the added hassle of a cold or flu. Arm your immune system and find everything you may need to help support your and your baby at Planet Organic’s Pregnancy shop.