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Our chilled foods are available for delivery within London postcodes. With our new London Express delivery service, next day, flexible delivery slots are now available with the option of booking for next day delivery to up to one week in advance.
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Modern Baker House Sourdough (600g) London Fresh
Cru8 Paleo Banana & Courgette Bread (250g) London Fresh
Cru8 Paleo Brownie (250g) London Fresh
Cru8 Paleo Carrot Cake (250g) London Fresh
Vegbred Seeded Sweet Potato Loaf (650g) London Fresh
Modern Baker Super Spelt Sourdough (600g) London Fresh
Modern Baker Seedy Sourdough (600g) London Fresh
Celtic Brioche Burger Bun (pack 4) London Fresh
Celtic Cracked German Rye Sourdough (800g) London Fresh
Celtic Cracked German Rye Sourdough Roll (pack 4) London Fresh
Improv'eat Coconut Wrap Original (56g)
Profusion Organic Protein Bread (250g)
Biona Organic Biofit Rye Bread (500g)
ABO Sourdough Style - sliced (400g) London Fresh
ABO Quinoa Bread (400g) London Fresh
Schnitzer Buckwheat Bread (250g)
Schnitzer Canihua Active Mineral Bread (250g)
Everfresh Sourdough Rye Bread with Sprouted Rye Grains and Mixed Seeds (400g)
Modern Baker Superloaf (600g) London Fresh
Modern Baker Ancient Grain (800g) London Fresh
Everfresh Sourdough Rye Bread with Sprouted Rye Grains (400g)
The Heart of Nature Bread (475g)
Modern Baker Real Rye (400g) London Fresh
Seven Seeded Sourdough (400g) London Fresh
Florentin Organic Mini Pita Bread (4 pack)
WrawP Raw Spirulina Wraps (150g)
Hertfordshire Sourdough (400g) London Fresh
Biona Organic Omega 3 Rye Bread (500g)
Biona Organic Pumpernickle Bread (500g)
Biona Rye Pumpkin Seed Bread (500g)
Country Bloomer (400g) London Fresh
Biona Organic Biofit Rye Hemp Bread (500g)
Biona Vitality Rye Bread (500g)
Biona Millet Bread (250g)
Biona Organic Gluten Free Rice Sunflower Bread (500g)
WrawP Raw Energising Morning Wrap (168g)

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