Why Spelt Milk? A Conversation with Roger Saul

Why Spelt Milk? A Conversation with Roger Saul

Sharpham Park's spelt drinks are hitting our shelves this month - so we sat down with founder and farm owner, Roger Saul to find out more about the brand and range. His journey from fashion to farm is incredibly interesting, and is rooted in Roger's passion for British farming, health and delicious spelt! 

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What inspired you to grow Spelt and why?

In 2003 the farm around our house came up for sale and I sold Mulberry and bought the farm!

My sister was struggling with cancer and looking at her diet and she suggested we grew spelt as it was one of the few grains, she was able to easily digest.

Tell us about the nutritional aspects of Spelt

It's high in protein, great slow-release energy, [and] high in fibre. The gluten structure of Spelt is much more soluble than wheat.

Micronutrient values are also high - with selenium, manganese, potassium, copper magnesium also present in Spelt's nutritional makeup. 

Why would a Planet Organic customer swap Oat m*lk for Spelt m*lk?

If they enjoy British-owned and made products with super low food miles, organic and ethical, then Sharpham Park Spelt is the answer.

Baristas love it and tea drinkers comment they didn’t realise it wasn’t dairy!

What awards or accolades has the brand achieved to date ?

We achieved a 2-star Great Taste Award in 2021 - the only plant based drink to achieve this which is a great accolade.