Keto Must Haves

Keto Must Haves

On the surface, keto-friendly foods list may appear limited, but our buyers are bringing in plenty of new, innovative products to make following a keto or low-carb lifestyle a little bit easier and more exciting.

If you’re looking to build up your own keto-friendly pantry or want to incorporate more high-fat, low-carb foods into your regular routine, then our list of keto-approved essentials is a great place to start for inspiration.

KETO8's Keto Bagels & Buns

KETO8’s range of 100% natural baked goods offer excellent, low-carb alternatives. Alexi, the founder of KETO8, found that eating high-raw, mostly plant-based foods positively affected her individual work productivity and well-being, which is the inspiration behind Cru8’s array of nutritious, raw keto bread, cakes, and snacks. We particularly love the KETO8 Keto Bagels as they offer a great, simplistic way to easily implement some low-carb bread into your staple routine. The KETO8 buns are made with almond flour, golden flax and psyllium husk, to create a nutritious, grain-free, high-fibre bread roll that is ideal for those following a low-carb, keto lifestyle.

KETO8 Keto Sesame Bagels

Ketogenic's Keto Treats

Ketogenic’s collection of sweet, low-carb treats are perfect for mid-day sugar cravings. Ketogenic’s The Rocky is packed full of sugar-free marshmallows, almonds, hazelnuts, freeze dried raspberries and coconut. It'll keep you laser focused until the end of the day with it's added adaptogens, Maca and Ashwagandha. Ketogenic’s collection of other baked goods such as carrot cake or their low-sugar, low carb cookies present a great high-fat, low carb solution to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Ketogenic - The Rocky

Vital Proteins' Collagen Creamer

Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer is a great, keto-friendly solution free of artificial sweeteners and added sugars. This dairy-free, low-carb creamer is made with fat from organic coconut milk and includes over 10g of collagen peptides in each serving, derived from pasture-raised bovine. If you’re looking for ways to kickstart your keto routine, consider swapping out your usual sweetener and add Vital Proteins Vanilla Collagen Creamer to your morning coffee as a nutritious, keto alternative.

Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer

Sunwarrior's Clean Keto Protein Blend

Sunwarrior’s uniquely formulated clean protein blend provides those following a keto-diet an easy, nutritious way to stay in ketosis, all whilst without eliminating other nutrients. This synergistic protein blend is a combination of healthy fats, essential vitamins and Aquamin (a unique marine blend of minerals), which work synchronously to provide a powerful protein combination designed to help you burn fat, control your cravings and stay focussed and energised throughout the day. Sunwarrior’s chocolate blend is one of our favourite protein blends, as it blends perfectly with a coffee to make for a nutritious mocha, though the Clean Keto is also available in more subtle flavours, such as vanilla.

Sunwarrior Clean Keto Tropical Vanilla

Coconut's Merchant's C8 MCT Oil

Designed to fuel busy, active lifestyles, the Coconut Merchant MCT Oil is high in C8 - to help increase energy and kickstart your ketone production levels. Feel energised and enjoy the benefits of a properly aided workout with Coconut Merchant’s 97% C8 MCT Oil. This uniquely versatile oil is perfect for those on keto, vegan and even paleo diets and can easily be implemented into a regular routine, as this oil can be blended into coffees, shakes or smoothies - or be used for frying and cooking. Completely free of preservatives and ethically-sourced, Coconut Merchant’s MCT Oil is batch tested for potency and preserved in an amber glass bottle to help preserve key nutrients and properties.

Coconut Merchant MCT Oil 97% C8

Better Than Noodles

Better Than’s range of Konjac noodles are a keto pantry staple. Providing a delicious, noodle alternative made from the tube-like root of the konjac plant, these noodles absorb flavours from the food it’s cooked with. Whether you choose to add the noodles to a stir-fry, soup or salad - these gluten-free, vegan-friendly noodles are both high in fibre and easy to cook. Simply leave the noodles in boiling water for two minutes, drain and enjoy.

Better Than Noodles

NKD Living's Erythritol

NKD Living’s Erythritol is a versatile zero-calorie sugar replacement that can be used to sweeten up just about anything. Simply sprinkle over fruit, use to bake with, or stir into your favourite hot beverages just like sugar. Part of the sugar family, erythritol is a naturally-derived extract from natural fruits and plants, but passes through your body undigested and doesn’t affect blood glucose levels. Allowing you to stay in a state of ketosis without any spikes, this sugar alternative is an excellent source of sweetness for low carb keto dieters.

NKD Living Powdered Erythritol

Planet Organic's Truffles

Handmade in Belgium, using organic and fairtrade chocolate, Planet Organic’s low-sugar truffles are a truly decadent treat. Using insulin as opposed to artificial sweeteners to give the truffles their sweetness, these organic truffles are an ideal, low sugar treat for those following a keto diet. These handmade truffles are also packed into plastic-free, compostable and fully recyclable packaging, making them a sustainable sweet treat.

Planet Organic Low Sugar Hazelnut Truffles

Gardens’ Keto Friendly Ketchup

Elevate your dishes with Gardens’s Keto Friendly Ketchup. Regular ketchup is notoriously high in sugar, whereas Gardens Keto-Friendly Ketchup contains erythritol, so remains undigested in your system - allowing you to add flavour to your dishes whilst remaining in a state of ketosis. This low-sugar, low-carb ketchup alternative is made using organic tomatoes from Portugal, organic French vinegar, Himalayan salt and a unique blend of secret East Indian spices for a flavourful kick. After numerous attempts to create the ultimate keto-friendly sauce, Ketchup Garden’s formula is the perfect tried and tested keto solution.

Garden's Keto-Friendly Ketchup

Keto Hana's Keto-Friendly Granola

Start your day right with a bowl of natural, low-carb cereal from Keto Hana's range. We particularly love Hana Cereal’s Keto Cinnamon Granola, as this unique blend of coconut oil, nuts and seeds is rich in fats and has absolutely no added sugar.

Keto Hana Keto Friendly Granola - Cinnamon

Looking for something more specific to your diet? Find everything you need in our Keto lifestyle shop. Whether you’re stocking up on keto pantry basics, or you’re on the market for keto fats, or sweeteners - our keto lifestyle category has all of our keto products categorised into convenient, easy to navigate sections.