A Holiday Message

A Holiday Message

Our Dear Customers,


It’s been quite a year.   At the beginning of 2023, Brian and I decided to cut down to four days a week so we’d have more time and space to…well, I wasn’t sure to do what exactly.  We’ve worked so hard for so long, that although we knew we wanted to have time to have more fun, we couldn’t quite imagine what that meant.


I think we had a couple months of tying up loose ends and then started finding some ease and adventure when the Planet Organic administration bomb hit at the end of March.  Through April, we decided to re-commit to this beautiful business and found ourselves on the retail roller coaster again.  Good-bye to our four-day week.  A good friend said to me this is what happens when we make space in our lives!


Just last week we made a list of all that’s been achieved since April.  In my coaching, I teach the Four Stages of a Project – Start, Continue, Stop, Celebrate.  These are important in terms of acknowledging achievements that at first seem heroic, but then become commonplace. 


Of course, the progress made in the recovery of this business over the last six months is because of our brilliant team.  Since returning to Planet, I have been impressed and moved each day by the commitment of people in our stores and support office.  I can’t believe how lucky and blessed we are to have such a varied and skilled team of dedicated individuals who believe in our values and celebrate who we are in our communities.  Big heartfelt hug to all of them, who I am often hugging in the office and stores.


I’ve said before and I’ll say again, a heartfelt thank you to our suppliers, brands, farmers and professionals.  We wouldn’t be here without you.


And then there’s you, our customers.  We had lost many of you over the months that Planet was declining, but so many of you are back.  Thank you for your commitment that’s meant you’ve returned – your commitment to us, to organic, to the planet, to health – and most importantly – to yourself and your families.  (I’ve hugged several you on the shop floors, too.)


So, soon it’s time to stop for the holidays, to have rest and CELEBRATE!!  As we roll into November, I’ve started buying Christmas gifts, planning to see friends, looking forward to family coming to stay, re-jigging holiday menus and baking lists, and generally enjoying that familiar building of festive joy and excitement.  In the run up to Christmas, the Support Team will be in the stores working alongside our store teams, so we look forward to seeing you. 


My prayer for you through the rest of this year is health, joy, peace and connection.


May your days be merry and bright,


Renée x