Keto Bread & Cakes

The Planet Organic range of keto bread and keto cakes includes all the options you need to eat well and maintain your healthy lifestyle choices.  Our keto shop has been stocked with all the low carbohydrate keto bread alternatives you could want from your favourite UK brands. The list includes keto substitute seed and rye bread, wraps, bagels, keto bread rolls and keto breadsticks.  Cooks can stock up on keto breadcrumbs too. Reward yourself from our range of Keto cakes.  You can choose from everything from shortbread and brownies to keto carrot cake and other tasty treats. The good news is you can get keto bread and keto cake delivery from Planet Organic direct to your kitchen.

If you are just starting on your keto high fat low carb journey, we can help by answering some common questions about bread and cakes keto options. With 450 keto-friendly products available through Planet Organic's Keto Shop, we are the ideal place to provide information on keto-friendly foods and ingredients.

What makes good keto bread?

Sticking to the Keto diet and avoiding high-carb, grain-based foods can be a challenge particularly if you’re a bread lover. There are, fortunately, plenty of keto breads to buy and similar alternatives on the shelves to help. You can, of course, bake your own too.

Keto bread with almond flour

Almond flour is one of the best keto alternatives to regular flour. It's grain-free, low-carb, and widely available. Looking out for almond flour bread is probably the quickest way to get hold of a keto bread loaf. Keto bread recipes often suggest almond flour, so it’s worth investing in some for your kitchen perhaps.

Keto bread with coconut flour

Coconut flour is gluten-free, grain-free and higher in fibre than almond flour. It’s an excellent baking product for your keto diet. It is dry and less starchy than alternatives so coconut flour keto bread recipes often include more egg and arrowroot or tapioca to make amends.

Keto bread mixes

Bakers in a hurry can also invest in a range of pre-prepared keto bread mixes. Often it is as simple as just adding water before baking. They are an ideal way to cater for your specialist requirements. They can be fun too, especially for children.

Is keto bread gluten-free?

Gluten-free bread and keto carb-free bread are not necessarily the same thing. That said, most keto substitute breads use alternatives to wheat and, as a result, have no gluten. It is always advisable to check ingredients though.

How do I make keto-friendly cakes?

Like keto breads, keto cakes typically use alternative flour and other ingredients to reduce levels of carbohydrate. The high-fat element of keto diets, though, means dark chocolate, nuts, butter and cream are in making keto cakes that bit more attractive.

Where to buy keto bread and cakes?

If you’re not going to bake your own, there are dozens of products available through Planet Organic’s Keto range. All available for delivery throughout the UK.