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Dairy Free

Dairy Free - contains no ingredients made from the milk of any animal, whether cow, goat or sheep. We do not consider eggs as dairy products.

Certified Gluten Free

Certified Gluten Free - measured and tested as gluten free, for which the threshold is less than 20ppm (parts per million) gluten.


Organic - certified by one of the internationally recognised organic certifying bodies, such as the Soil Association.


Vegan - contains no ingredients of animal origin, including meat and fish as well as dairy products, eggs and honey.


Vegetarian - contains no meat, fish, poultry, game, shellfish or products of animal slaughter.

Wheat Free

Wheat Free - contains no ingredients made from wheat, spelt or kamut.

No Gluten

No Gluten - made without any gluten containing grains, but not certified gluten free. This applies to foods that are naturally gluten free such as olive oil or almond butter, but which have not been tested.

Yoyo - Planet Organic’s Official Payment & Loyalty App

To thank you for being a great customer, we’ve launched our very own loyalty scheme using the payment and loyalty app, Yoyo.


Which means… you can now earn 100 loyalty points for every £1 spent in store, access Planet’s new digital stamp cards, receive digital receipts and get regular updates on Planet's monthly deals.

How do you pay with Yoyo?
Step 1: Link your debit or credit card to the app, this will generate your personal QR payment code
Step 2: Shop ’til your heart’s content
Step 3: Head to the till - when prompted by the cashier, scan your QR code on the scanner
Step 4: PING you’ve paid & earned yourself some loyalty points


How secure is the Yoyo app?
We never store your payment details on your phone, in fact we do not send any card information as part of the transaction. Yoyo has developed an ultra secure tokenisation system that generates a single use QR code that constantly changes even when you're offline (making it more secure than card payments). QR codes have a numer of benefits:

  • Our tokens (QR codes) change every 30 seconds, even if you're not using them.
  • QR codes continue to refresh even without connectivity.
  • Consumers can make purchases without mobile connectivity.
Users are not required to top-up the app, but rather pay for each transaction individually. Should you misplace your phone, Yoyo has even added pin or fingerprint entry to the app.
What benefits can I expect?
We are regularly adding reward coupons as well as exclusive product vouchers that you can redeem with the loyalty points you've earned. You'll also be the first one to find out about our member-only deals, exclusive promotions, offers and more. 
How do the coffee and juices/smoothies subscriptions work?
You can purchase your vouchers via the YOYO app, order your drink and scan your QR code at the till.
We offer:
  • 30 organic coffees over 30 days for £30: choose from your favourite organic coffees, teas, and hot chocolates (includes any milk alternatives, redeemable on all hot drinks listed on the menu in store, regular size.)
  • 15 juices/smoothies over 30 days for £40: valid on fresh juices or smoothies listed on the menu in store, regular size.

Are there any hidden costs when paying with Yoyo?
Yoyo is (and will always be) completely free to use. In fact, you can save money by having access to the latest Planet Organic deals and discounts. 

What kind of debit / credit cards can I link to my Yoyo account?
You can link any debit or credit card from Visa, Mastercard or American Express.
How can I contact Yoyo?

There are more FAQs on the Yoyo website or if you have any queries about the app, you can contact the Yoyo team directly at support@yoyowallet.com.