Introducing the Organic Kitchen Range at Planet Organic

Introducing the Organic Kitchen Range at Planet Organic

With an increasing number of people switching to gluten free, vegan or even keto-based diets, whether by necessity or choice for better health, it’s clear that collectively we’re thinking  more carefully about the food we consume. For some who are newly looking to follow one of these special diets, they may find it difficult to find the ingredients they need, or simply not know where to start. Following a fully organic ethos, Organic Kitchen is dedicated to making simple cupboard ingredients accessible to a wider range of people with varying dietary requirements. 

About Organic Kitchen

Committed to providing a wide range of natural ingredients, Organic Kitchen aims to help you regain control over what you’re putting into your body, giving you confidence that you’re consuming friendlier, natural foods with no nasties. This is why we’ve compiled a complete guide to help give you an introduction to this innovative brand, now available at Planet Organic, who are wholeheartedly dedicated to putting people and the planet first. 

Organic Kitchen recipes

Organic Kitchen offers a range of staple cupboard ingredients to help you create your favourite recipes in a quick and easy way, while safe in the knowledge that only healthy, whole foods are used.  As a result of their health-focused range, Organic Kitchen is also fully certified as organic by the Soil Association, an organisation committed to changing the way we eat. This means that the brand uses only the finest organic ingredients without using any harsh or unnecessary chemicals. So whether you’re looking to cook a basic pasta dish or a more extravagant meal, the Organic Kitchen range at Planet Organic features a number of essential cooking ingredients, including a wide selection of pastas, sauces, cooking oils and much more. 

Here’s some of our favourites:


Organic Kitchen Fusilli - £1.79

Made using Italian durum wheat and semolina flour, the Organic Kitchen fusilli pasta is a classic ingredient created following an authentic Italian recipe. Containing all the natural, organic ingredients you’d expect from this committed brand, this fusilli pasta provides a great starting point to creating a range of delicious meals.


Organic Kitchen Passata - £2.09

A kitchen cupboard essential, create a simple, yet delicious and highly nutritious tomato sauce to your pasta dish with the Organic Kitchen Tomato Passata. Made with 100% ripe tomatoes, this provides a versatile ingredient ideal for adding to pasta, or using in soups, stews, curries and more. 

Organic Kitchen Italian Spinach Tagliatelle - £2.29

If you’re looking to switch up your go-to pasta dish, the Organic Kitchen Italian Spinach Tagliatelle provides the perfect alternative to traditional pasta. Combining all the goodness there is to be found in spinach, this tagliatelle is made with locally sourced ingredients and can be used in a range of dishes.

Organic Kitchen Extra Virgin Olive Oil - £9.69

The Organic Kitchen Olive Oil is great for using during cooking or as a dressing on a salad or pasta dish. Cold pressed and unrefined, this is the perfect essential ingredient to your kitchen cupboard. 

If you’re looking to further refine your search, you can trust Organic Kitchen to provide the ingredients that allow you to produce a wholesome and nutritious dish that’s kind to your body, and of course, the planet too. 

The range at Planet Organic can be catered to your dietary needs, giving you the ability to filter by keto, raw, gluten free, low sugar and more, as well as help you stick to your eco values by offering plastic free filters too. However, if you need some inspiration on the dishes you can make using these ingredients, why not browse some of the delicious recipes provided on the Organic Kitchen blog.


Is organic kitchen vegan?

Organic Kitchen prides itself on being an inclusive and trustworthy brand that aims to make healthy, whole foods accessible to a wider range of people, no matter their dietary choices or limitations. This means that every ingredient produced by this natural brand is 100% planet-based, as well as officially certified as vegan by The Vegan Society. Ingredients from Organic Kitchen are therefore suitable to use in any vegan meal, whether you enjoy cooking up a plant-based curry, or you would prefer to keep things simple with a tasty dressed salad. 

Is it worth buying organic?

With an aim to create quality products that have as little artificial ingredients added as possible during all stages of the production process, Organic Kitchen aims for fewer pesticides, additives and preservatives to be used across their range of ingredients, making it worth switching to organic.

There are also absolutely no genetically modified ingredients in their products. That way, you can have full confidence and autonomy over what you choose to eat, as lowing your exposure to chemicals by changing to an organic diet can help you to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Shop Organic Kitchen at Planet Organic 

Organic Kitchen is UK-based and has products available to buy online and in-person. They are also huge advocates of creating a better future for our planet, with all ingredients mindfully sourced.

Looking to make the switch to an organic, or plant-based lifestyle? Or are you searching for ingredients that are better suited to your dietary needs? Discover the new Organic Kitchen range at Planet Organic and stock up on a selection of delicious, high-quality ingredients.