Nootropics: Starter Guide

Nootropics: Starter Guide

Whether you’re a student hoping to nail your exams, a driven professional striving for a promotion, or an adult concerned about cognitive health, the idea of taking a pill or tincture that boosts your brainpower might seem pretty appealing. So, it’s not a surprise that nootropics, aka cognitive enhancers, are getting a good deal of attention. 


What are Nootropics?

Nootropics is an umbrella term for anything from herbs and micronutrients to supplement blends and prescription drugs that are touted as smart drugs, used to optimise your mental performance, reduce stress, and decrease your risk of cognitive decline. Some popular ones that might ring a bell include Turmeric, Ginseng, Green Tea and Caffeine. Natural nootropics are typically delivered from plants or fungi.


How do they work?

The key thing to remember is that nootropics are enhancers rather than fixers. They work to support cognitive function, not fix it. Different nootropics work their magic in different ways. Some work to bring calm and clarity due to their influence on cortisol (our stress hormone) whilst others help promote focus and mental performance through their impact on neurotransmitters. However, don’t expect a quick fix overnight! Natural nootropics work their best when built up over time. Work by starting low and slow, which will allow you to intuitively feel if they work for you or not.


If you are considering supplementing with nootropics, do talk to a health professional before guzzling down your brain-boosting pills with your hot water and lemon.