The Benefits Of Unpackaged Products and Plastic Free Products

The Benefits Of Unpackaged Products and Plastic Free Products

Here at Planet Organic, sustainability is at the heart of what we do. We have one of the largest collections of eco friendly products, including products in eco friendly and plastic free packaging, which you can easily buy online. If you’re shopping in store you can find organic unpackaged products, including loose fruit and vegetables, refill stations stocking grains, dried fruit, nuts and now liquid beauty refills for shampoo, hand wash and more.

If you’ve arrived here, it’s likely you’re aware and concerned about our planet’s waste and plastic problem. Excessive packaging – for food, beauty and cleaning products – has been a problem for decades, polluting our earth and washing up on our shores. And more recently, excess packaging used for online purchases has also added to the problem. The responsibility is partly with individuals, but mostly with retailers and brands, to come up with eco friendly packaging ideas, sustainable packaging materials, no plastic products and responsible supply chains.

Green packaging – meaning plastic free products, eco friendly packaging or zero waste packaging is the future. Less packaging helps us tackle the growing waste and plastic problem we’re currently experiencing. We’re shifting to home compostable packaging, wherever possible, to reduce plastic packaging.

Our no plastic shop is growing. We have a brilliant selection of plastic free food and drink, with sustainable food packaging that is home compostable. It’s really important food and drink products that we consume daily are made of eco friendly food packaging materials. We also have a great range of plastic free beauty products, and we plan to expand the shop to include more plastic free bathroom and cleaning products.

Could glass be a better choice than plastic for your reusable bottle? Read more about eco friendly food packaging here.

Helps To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

There are plenty of ways to be proactive and reduce your carbon footprint. The most obvious and perhaps best ways to reduce our collective carbon footprint is to fly and drive less, but also consume less – and this includes consuming less packaging.

Packaging increases our carbon footprint because carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are used to produce, transport and dispose of the packaging material used.

By taking steps to buy products that are unpackaged, plastic free or eco friendly, you’re helping to prevent plastic pollution, reduce waste in landfill and recycling plants and contribute to lower global carbon footprint.

To find out more about how to reduce your carbon footprint, follow these great tips.

Helps To Stop Plastic Pollution

We know what will happen if we don’t stop plastic pollution – our earth and seas will become choked, fish and animal species will die out and we’ll experience more harmful effects on our health.

It’s important we all take steps to learn how to stop plastic pollution in the ocean and on earth. It’s often the simple everyday changes that make a big difference, such as switching from plastic and disposable water containers, cutlery and lunch boxes, to plastic free alternatives. We love Black and Blum’s range of glass water bottles, stainless steel cutlery and lunchboxes, which are both stylish and sustainable.

Buying unpackaged or loose products is another simple change – doing so helps us consume less and think about what we really need.

So what is being done to stop plastic pollution at Planet Organic? Our plastic free shop is growing to include a greater range of products, we’re stocking more loose fruit and vegetables, and our 120-strong range of organic store cupboard ingredients now come in home compostable, 100% plastic free packaging. We’ll also keep you informed with helpful articles on our blog.

Unpackaged Products Save Money

Buying unpackaged products is great for saving money and cutting waste. In-store, when you use our refill stations, it’s easy to buy the exact amount of nuts, seeds or grains you need, rather than a larger quantity that is more expensive and could end up going to waste. You can bring your own containers too, to save on paper bags at the refill stations.

We also find creating a meal plan for the week ahead and shopping online helpful. That way it’s easier to stick to the shopping list and avoid buying things you don’t need. We’ll deliver your orders in sustainable packaging too. Find out more here.

Find Quality Unpackaged & Plastic-Free Products

We believe in promoting health in our communities through organic, natural and sustainable products, and acting sustainably and ethically as a business. We pride ourselves in selling a wide range of high quality, unpackaged and plastic free products, from the best organic and natural brands around.

Here are some brands we love from our growing nutrition and beauty range:

Wild Nutrition

Wild Nutrition supplements are a great natural alternative to other brands and come in plastic free, biodegradable, compostable and recyclable packaging. Their supplements are made from whole-food ingredients with no added fillers, synthetic nutrients or harmful binders. Our favourites include:

Wild Nutrition Pregnancy capsules

Wild Nutrition Pregnancy Capsules 90 caps

Wild Nutrition Vitamin D capsules

Wild Nutrition Vitamin D 30 caps

Wild Nutrition Magnesium

Wild Nutrition Magnesium 60 caps

Shop Wild Nutrition

Faith in Nature

We now stock unwrapped Faith in Nature soap in orange, lavender and tea tree fragrances. You can also buy your favourite soap bar in plastic free, fully recycled and recyclable cardboard packaging. We love the Faith in Nature seaweed soap, which like all the brand’s soaps are made from 100% natural fragrance and ingredients.

Faith in Nature Tea Tree Soap

Faith In Nature Tea Tree Soap Unwrapped each

Faith in Nature Orange Soap

Faith in Nature Orange Soap Unwrapped each

Faith in Nature Lavender Soap

Faith in Nature Lavender Soap Unwrapped each

Faith in Nature Seaweed Soap

Faith in Nature Fragrance Free Seaweed Soap 100g

Shop Faith in Nature


Form nutrition performance protein powders come in a variety of delicious flavours including Vanilla, Chocolate Peanut, Chocolate Salted Caramel and even Tiramisu. They’re vegan friendly, protein packed, tasty powders that are ideal pre or post workout. Their packaging is also fully compostable.

Buy Form performance protein >

Tabitha Eve

Explore our range of Tabitha Eve eco-friendly and plastic free beauty products.

Tabitha Eve Make Up Pads

Tabitha Eve Unbleached Cotton Make Up Rounds (Set of 10) pack of 10

Tabitha Eve Face Mask

Tabitha Eve Biodegradable Face Mask - Watercolour each

Tabitha Eve Nail Varnish Remover Pads

Tabitha Eve Bamboo Nail Pads (Set of 5) pack of 5

Tabitha Eve Lunch Bag

Tabitha Eve Vegan Leather Lunch Bag Bark each


The shampoo solids from Lamazuna are a great way to start going plastic free in your bathroom. Lamazuna shampoo and conditioner come in a range of gorgeous natural fragrances including vanilla, lemon, scotch pine and orange. We also stock other great plastic free bathroom essentials from Lamazuma – toothbrushes, facial cleansers, shaving bars, menstrual cups and more.

Shop Lamazuna

Embrace Loose Fruit & Veg

Buying loose fruit and veg is easy and it has numerous benefits. It helps to reduce the amount of packaging you consume and reduce potential food waste, because it helps you buy exactly what you need. Packaged fruit and vegetables are often more expensive, so if you buy loose you might be able to save money.

You don’t have to shop in-store to buy loose fruit and veg – browse our great organic range online. If you don’t want to shop for individual items, our organic and seasonal veg and fruit boxes make shopping easy . We also love our organic weekly juicing box, which contains a mix of seven fruits and vegetables. All our fruit and veg boxes are made of plastic free, recyclable materials and are delivered straight to your door.

As with all lifestyle changes, switching to unpackaged or eco friendly packaging doesn’t need to be done overnight. As and when you use up products, look for a green alternative you can buy next time. Looking to learn more about unpackaged products? Read our blog on unpackaged sustainable living.