Daily wellness routines with our Health & Bodycare team

Daily wellness routines with our Health & Bodycare team

Our Health & Bodycare team walk us through their daily wellness rituals, from adaptogenic smoothies to looking after skin from within.

Aurelia - Senior Health & Bodycare Buyer

I have a 360 approach to health and believe that the small changes and daily habits we keep are more powerful than unsustainable goals.

My morning ritual usually starts with 20 mins of exercise, followed by a plant-based smoothie with 30g of protein to help my body recover better and build muscle. I will often add 1/2 teaspoon or sprinkle 2 capsules of adaptogens like ashwagandha, that are incredible at balancing my mood and help me respond to stress better.

I take a break after 8-12 weeks of taking any supplement, or simply switch to a different format.

However, I keep coming back to magnesium, because I see a big difference in my energy levels and quality of sleep after taking it in divided doses morning and evening. Magnesium Glycinate from Pure Encapsulations has superb bioavailability, and the brand is the gold standard for efficacy and quality of ingredients, with no binders, fillers or unnecessary preservatives used in their formulas.

Pure Encapsulations Magnesium Glycinate 90

Blanca - Health & Bodycare Buyer

My wellbeing routine is simple and stress- free, focused around supporting my vegan lifestyle and busy daily life schedule.

Viridian Essential Vegan Multivitamin

Viridian Essential Vegan Multivitamin 90 caps

This is a great multivitamin that contains most essential vitamins and minerals I need to supplement on as a vegan: Including B12, Vitamin D3 +K2 and Zinc all in a convenient dose of one capsule a day. Viridian is an ethical brand that supports the community (So far, the Viridian Nutrition Charity Donation programme has donated £390,000+ to charities) both of which are of great importance to me as a consumer.

Living Nutrition Fermented Holy Basil 60 Caps

Living Nutrition Fermented Holy Basil 60 Caps
I take this supplement as part of my daily supplementation to support my emotional and mental wellbeing. Fermenting herbs can increase their bioavailability and make them more effective. A bonus point of this product is that is completely plastic free, and all the ingredients are certified organic, including the capsule.

Lucy Health & Bodycare Ops Assistant

My wellbeing routine is centred around optimising overall skin health.

Cura Sporebiotics Daily 30 caps

Cura Sporebiotics Daily 30 caps

The gut and skin are closely related and thus optimal gut health will result in healthy skin. Sporebiotics have been shown to reduce gut and skin inflammation, which contributes to the root cause of all skin conditions. Sporebiotics can survive any temperature and pH making them the most robust and effective probiotics. I take my sporebiotics everyday with dinner.

Bare Biology Life & Soul Pure Omega-3 120 Caps

Bare Biology Life & Soul Pure Omega-3 120 Caps

Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oils balance the skin's oil production and thus is good for both oily and dry skin types. It has also been shown to reduce breakouts, sensitivity and signs of ageing. Bare Biology contains 1,300mg of omega 3 (EPA and DHA). I take my fish oil every day with dinner.

Altrient Liposomal Vitamin C Sachets

Altrient Liposomal Vitamin C Sachets 30 x 5.7ml

Vitamin C boosts collagen production ensuring radiant and youthful looking skin. It is also a potent antioxidant and thus protects the skin against sun damage and slows ageing. Altrient liposomal vitamin C contains 1000mg per serving. I take my vitamin C in the morning on an empty stomach.