New In: Belazu's Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours

New In: Belazu's Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours

Another week, another delicious brand is launching at Planet Organic. This time, it's a foodie favourite: Belazu. We asked the brand to share their origin story, and what makes their jars of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours so beloved by cooks. 

Can you tell us how Belazu started? 

It all started in 1991 when George, Belazu’s co-founder, took a trip to see his mum in Provence. He returned to the UK a few quid lighter, but with a van full of fresh olives and a big dream. 30 years on, Belazu has come a long way from an olive supplier and is now a trusted and much-loved pioneer for Mediterranean and Middle Eastern ingredients.  

What has been the focus of the brand since then?  

During the last three decades, Belazu has been on a quest to discover uncompromised flavour. The team works tirelessly with their longstanding suppliers, customers and chef friends to find restaurant-quality ingredients that are ahead of the curve and full of life. Every Belazu product is a collection of stories about the land, the producers, the harvest, the creation and the cooking.

What's in the range? And what makes it unique?

The range includes the original selection of olives as well as pestos, pastes, antipasti, olive oils, vinegars, nuts and store cupboard essentials. The company’s specialist small-batch manufacturing site is conveniently located in West London with a neighbouring distribution centre for daily restaurant deliveries. 

Can you share a recipe with us?  

Our recipes are dreamt up in the Pembury kitchen by Belazu’s very own development chef Henry Russell. Whether you are looking for 15 ways to finish up your Rose Harissa, or you want to challenge yourself with some new and exciting flavours, there is a huge array of recipes to choose from.

Our current favourite is  Spaghetti meatballs with Oak Smoked Paprika & Tomato Pesto