Top New Picks

Top New Picks

Our expert Health & Bodycare team scour the globe for the newest trends, emerging brands and wonder products in health and beauty. Here, Aurelia, Blanca and Lucy share their favourite new products to join our collection.  

Blanca, Health & Bodycare Buyer

FAACE Sweaty Face

This face mask works great when my skin feels stressed and in need of a pick-me up after work. The texture is light, with a cooling sensation, and it leaves my skin feeling moisturised and smooth. A bonus point is the fact that it’s a multi-use product that can be used as an overnight treatment, light moisturiser under make-up or as a regular mask.

FAACE Sweaty Faace 100ml

Bare Biology Vim & Vigour Vegan Omega-3

As a vegan, Omega-3 supplementation is essential to ensure I support my brain, heart and eye health. This fish alternative Omega-3 is sourced from sustainable algae and every batch is tested to guarantee purity and freshness which are the key points for me in this supplement. The fact that it comes in a capsule format and it contains astaxanthin, a great antioxidant, are real bonus points too.


Bare Biology Vim & Vigour Vegan Omega 3 + Astaxanthin 60 caps


You & Oil Face Mask Trio Pack

This You & Oil sheet face masks trio pack (Hydration & Brightening, Cleansing & Anti Pollution and Anti-Aging & Regeneration) is a great way to try these amazing sheet masks, find your favourite or switching between them to suit your skin’s changing needs. They all leave skin feeling moisturised and glowing. Trust me, you will be buying them again! 

You & Oil Face mask with Liposomes Trio- Hydration + Brightening, Anti-pollution + Cleansing 3x25ml

Aurelia, Senior Health & Bodycare Buyer

Antipodes Glow Ritual Vitamin C Serum with Plant Hyaluronic Acid 30ml

New Glow Ritual form Antipodes is the ultimate multi-tasking serum combining two of our most searched for skincare ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C. Great at boosting collagen production and plumping up the cells, this serum is a real treat for anyone with dull, dehydrated skin in need of an instant pick me up. The lightweight texture works beautifully applied before moisturiser and to prep the skin if you are using foundation or powder.

Antipodes Glow Ritual Vitamin C Serum 30ml

Form Performance Protein Banoffee

Form Protein is a range of vegan protein powders designed to support fitness performance and post-workout muscle recovery. I’ve been enjoying the new banoffee flavour, with digestive enzymes, 30g of plant protein and 5G of BCAA (branched-chain amino acids) per serving in my morning smoothie for slow releasing energy. Plastic-free packaging that I can dispose of in my compost bin is a bonus.

Form Performance Protein Banoffee 520g


Living Nutrition Organic Fermented Turmeric 

Fermented Turmeric from Living Nutrition is my new favourite go to turmeric. Fermenting turmeric helps to activate the compounds without damaging the delicate nutrients and maximises absorption. This product and the brand’s ethos is something I can really get behind: all ingredients (including the vegan tapioca capsule) are fermented and certified organic, plus the packaging is plastic free.

Living Nutrition Fermented Turmeric 60 Caps

Lucy Health & Bodycare Ops Assistant 

Cura Precision Prebiotics 120 caps

Most prebiotic fibres feed both beneficial and unwanted gut bacteria. However, Cura Precision Prebiotics contains 3 specific prebiotic fibres (FOS, GOS and XOS  – Oligosaccharides) that have been clinically proven to target beneficial gut bacteria only.

Cura Precision Prebiotics 120 caps

YourZooki Turmeric Zooki sachets

The active constituent in turmeric is called curcumin which has been clinically proven to reduce inflammation in the body. However, curcumin has poor bioavailability meaning that it is poorly absorbed and rapidly eliminated by the body. To improve bioavailability Your Zooki Turmeric is encapsulated in micelles and contains 750mg of full spectrum curcumin.

YourZooki Turmeric Zooki 14 x 15ml sachet



Living Nutrition Fermented Maca 60 Caps

Maca root is an adaptogen that has a profound balancing effect on hormones, stress, mood and energy. Living Nutrition uses an ancient fermentation process to provide an active product rich in beneficial compounds, micronutrients, and enzymes.

Living Nutrition Fermented Maca 60 Caps