Save on Plastic with Faith in Nature Shampoo Bars

Save on Plastic with Faith in Nature Shampoo Bars

When it comes to saving plastic, all it takes is a simple change in habit. In the bathroom, switching to shampoo and conditioner bars is a solid place to start. Thinking of making the swap? Here are some reasons to become a bar believer:

1. 0% plastic, 100% feel good
Faith In Nature natural shampoo bars are packed in completely compostable cardboard, so you can save on plastic and have great hair doing it.

2. A little goes a long way
Love the lather of liquid shampoo? Faith In Nature solid shampoo bars do that too. And because in their nature they’re more concentrated, it doesn’t take much to work into your whole head of hair – eco-friendly and economical.

3. Save on space
Shampoo bars are wonderfully compact, meaning you can free up precious bathroom space for other important things. Like plants.

4. Be eco on the go
Take these perfectly formed little bars with you wherever you go. No leakage. No mess. Just pop them in a tin or wrap them in some fabric and you’re off! 

5. They’re full of the good stuff
Kinder to nature, kinder to you. Made without parabens, SLS or silicones, Faith In Nature shampoo bars contain only naturally derived ingredients – and they work beautifully.