Food To Go Menu

Food To Go Menu

Thursday, 13th August 2015

​We have a new menu! Our fantastic head chef has been hard at work over the past few weeks to create a brand new menu using some of our favourite ingredients from in-store.
Freshly prepared in our kitchens, the new menu is now available in all of ours stores. Choose any combination of hot dishes such as the new sprouted enchilada stack and colourful salads like the pesto zoodles. Then add your dressing (the vegan cashew Caesar is delicious!) and your sides for a wholesome, nutritious meal.
Every dish on our new menu is vegetarian, refined sugar free and soy free. There are also plenty of vegan and grain free dishes and options with no gluten. We understand dietary needs and preferences so whatever yours are, just speak to a team member and they can help.
Of course all of our new menu is also completely organic. We are fully committed to organic and our cafes are certified by the Soil Association who uphold the highest standards. Organic food contains no artificial ingredients and no GMOs, we believe it is better for us and better for the planet.
As a little teaser, we’ve picked out some of our favourite dishes but we highly recommend you come and try them for yourself!
Sweet Potato wedges: chunky, baked sweet potato wedges with just a pinch of salt. Perfect with absolutely everything!


Kale & sundried tomato salad: everyone’s favourite green; kale combined with sundried tomato, pecans and cucumber. Perfect with the supergreen salad and pesto zoodles (and a green juice) to leave you feeling virtuous.


Vegetable curry: a Goan inspired chunky vegetable curry with pomegranate. Packs a punch. Perfect with our sprouted brown rice and turmeric dahl.


3 Bean Chilli: a Mexican favourite, packed full of plant based protein from black turtle beans, red kidney beans and pinto beans. Perfect with our sprouted enchilada stacks and sweet potato wedges.


Protein Quinoa Salad: this salad is packed full of protein from the combination of quinoa and puy lentils. Red cabbage, carrots, peas and butternut squash give it a big splash of colour. Perfect with our beet & cranberry salad, a side of falafel and a workout.

Tried our new menu? We’d love to hear what you thought! 

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23 May 2016
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Love the new menu. All the food I tried was absolutely delicious. I recently went to the one on Devonshire Square, which was packed with people buying lunch for the work break. Really great, high quality food with tastes amazing and is really convenient to take-out or have during work break. Highly recommend it and will definitely go again.
07 Dec 2015
reviewed by
Great Lunch
First visit into the Wandsworth branch for lunch and really enjoyed the food. The Spelt Lasagne with sweet potato wedges and beet/cranberry salad was delicious. Definitely my new regular lunchtime spot!
17 Nov 2015
reviewed by
New menu is absolutely delicious, veg curry has a nice spicy kick, while the sprouted stack and wedges are always reliable comfort food.
14 Nov 2015
reviewed by
Hi there,I am so thankful to find you with your amazing products.
I tried your meal at Muswell Hill RD store and I really enjoyed it.
Thank you very much.
25 Sep 2015
reviewed by
New Menu
It might be new but it just doesn't taste as good does it? Just been into Torrington Place which is usually packed at 1pm and hardly anyone waiting for take away food. Been like that since the new menu started. Shame.

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