Discover the Athlete in You This Summer
Discover the Athlete in You This Summer

Discover the Athlete in You This Summer

Wednesday, 6th July 2016

Who doesn’t like a warm sunny day with enough sunshine and extended day light unless the temperature meter is exploding?
Still, one can make use of different hours in the day. Mornings and evenings are comparatively cooler.

For Sportspersons and Athletes, the season of summer is much awaited. And the ones who have long been thinking of starting some physical activity, summertime is the right time to begin, to explore that super jock in them. If you are also among them, then get started!
You can very well discover that iron person in you if you resolute to wake up early in the mornings. And summer makes it easier. Once you open the eyes, you can get out of the bed in no time. The body requires little time to warm up. A bit of stretching takes even the last nap away. Regaining the physical and mental alertness then, hardly takes any time.
Whether you try to learn a sport, do sprints, brisk walk, lift those weights or maneuver with rubber plates, whatever you experiment with, you are sure to reap the benefits. The following reasons are good enough to push you to execute your long-pending plans this summer –
Vitamin D 

You can avail unlimited sunshine and Vitamin D in summers. Certified doctors and Medical practitioners label it as an important vitamin essential for growth and development of human bones by regulating the absorption of calcium and other minerals.
Populations devoid of tropical climates further need to ensure its intake at every possible chance.
With enough opportunities to play and workout under sun, it’s easy for the body to absorb ample amounts of Vitamin D. Taking supplements for Vitamin D can wait.
Easy Sweating 

Playing or working out in summers leads to easy sweating. It helps releasing toxins from your system by opening up the skin pores unclogging them.
Sweating would also push you to drink more which is absolutely vital to retain hydration.
Besides increasing water intake you can go for home-made juices and shakes which can easily be prepared by using blenders and juicers.
Maintaining enough body liquids aids in perfect detoxification by flushing out any excess cholesterol, alcohol and other toxins in the form of sweating.


Enjoy the Freshness of Fruits and Vegetables 
Rotting and decaying of foods is frequent in summers due to high temperatures. So people prefer to buy fresh fruits and vegetables and that too in less quantity.
In disguise, this helps towards fresh and healthy consumption. You can also take small meals at regular intervals. Add fruits and vegetables sparingly in your dishes. Make use of superfoods.
Engaging in physical activities at the same time would further relieve and help in timely excretion of food from the body. The system remains clean and the body stays cooler and healthy.

Final words 
Winters can make you a little inactive and less mobile. You generally prefer staying indoors and even when outside, you can’t keep yourself warm by continually having stretching sessions.
The body is wrapped up with pullovers and fur jackets.
Professional sportsperson and athletes don’t have a choice. Either they do it for a living or to pursue their interests. Anyways, it becomes a part of their routine.
Sedentary lifestyles these days promote restlessness and unhealthy practices. The need of the hour is to keep your mind and body full of vigor and vitality.
The success of getting ahead is getting started so why not this summer.

You would never know how fast you can run unless you put your sneakers on!

Jenny Travens
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