Planet Organic | Marion Bartoli and Keto

Planet Organic | Marion Bartoli and Keto

Marion Bartoli is a French former professional tennis player who transformed her health and wellness by adopting a keto diet. Marion won the 2013 Wimbledon Championships singles title and was a semi-finalist at the 2011 French Open. Along with winning eight Women’s Tennis Association singles and three doubles titles. Aside from her long and successful tennis career, Marion struggled with her diet and food intolerance, impacting life on and off the court. Marion introduced the keto diet, which is when she discovered Planet Organic.


Watch her story below:


Marion’s keto diet and lifestyle were upgraded with the help of our complete and trustful keto shop. No longer having to restrict herself from enjoying sweet treats and bakery goods meant Marion could remain in ketosis and fuel her body conveniently throughout the day.


Quality, quality, quality. Marion’s favourite aspect of the Planet Organic range is her ability to fully trust the quality of the ingredients, to ensure she doesn’t compromise her digestion and energy levels. 


Marion’s favourite Planet Organic keto products: 

-     The keto bread and cakes, especially the keto brownie

-     Keto chocolate bars, being able to stay in ketosis and have a reward at the end of a busy day 

-     Keto granola, which allowed variation into her keto breakfasts


Marion’s key advice and tips for anyone starting their keto journey: 

-      Do your research.  A keto lifestyle requires an understanding of the rules, macros and food list needed to successfully achieve ketosis and enjoy your keto diet. 

-      Be prepared. Juggling a busy lifestyle and a keto diet can be difficult if you’re not prepped, having keto baked goods, snacks and drinks will make your life easier without compromising quality. 

-     Trusting the quality of products is not only important but crucial to sustaining ketosis, have confidence in a product's macros and ingredient list. 

Keto at Planet Organic


Here at Planet Organic, our carefully selected keto range has you covered. Whether you’re looking for keto meals, keto bread or keto-friendly snacks and drinks, browse through our keto shop and discover a whole manner of keto-friendly products. Our keto shop is not only the best place for keto food staples but also where you can find a wide range of keto carb alternatives, protein powders and sweeteners. Our Planet Organic keto range means nothing is stopping you from succeeding in your keto diet. 


With our nationwide delivery, you can shop everything on your keto shopping list straight to your kitchen. 

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