Make your own Manicure With Little Ondine
Make your own Manicure With Little Ondine

Make your own Manicure With Little Ondine

Monday, 9th May 2016

Today we’re going to share one of our favourite manicure routines.
Here at #TeamOndine we like to take good care of our nails, which means knowing how to do a  DIY manicure. 
1. The best way to start any manicure is to shape your nails. Nail scissors and a glass file  work best, if you use an ordinary file you should only file in one direction to avoid damaging your nails. 

2. Clean under your nails with a nail brush then tend to your cuticles, which are your nail's  barrier against infection. Use an orange stick to gently clean the nail bed and push back  excess cuticles. If needed, soak your hands in warm water or use a remover cream to soften the cuticle before pushing it back. We recommend that you avoid cutting or forcibly removing cuticles as this can promote cuticle growth and can lead to infections. 


3. Next, take the time to pamper yourself. As a luxurious extra, treat your hands to an  exfoliating hand scrub, followed by a relaxing massage using a hand oil or cream. This will help to rehydrate both your hands and nails and help to keep them healthy. 

4. This step is only necessary if you have oily nails: use an alcohol wipe to clean your nail of excess oils, which will allow your manicure to last longer.  If you don’t want to add colour to your nails and prefer a natural look, then you can simply apply our Secret Top and Base coat to give a healthy shine to your nails.

5. Time for a base coat. When using Little Ondine polishes we recommend that you use our Secret polish to ensure that you get the best and longest lasting manicure possible. This is because Secret is made of only water and resin and therefore makes for the best possible bond between polish and nail.

6. Pick a coloured polish of your choice and apply 1­2 coats to your nails. Make sure to clean up any polish that gets on the skin around your nails before it dries so that you get the cleanest result. If polish dries on your skin before you can clean it, this part of your manicure will be vulnerable to peeling.

7. Last but not least, using Secret again, apply a single top coat to add extra shine and  longevity. We recommend allowing your nails to dry for about 5 minutes before getting on with your day and showing off your lovely new manicure!

There we have it. Now you have a great new look and a way to keep your nails healthy and well groomed. We advise giving your nails a break so they can breathe between applications, whether it be wearing polish for 3 days and then taking a few days off, or wearing polish during the day and removing it before bed. That way your nails will continue to grow and thrive, all while looking great in your favourite Little Ondine polish!



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