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New Year, New Brews

New Year, New Brews

Wednesday, 9th January 2019

Our 2019 drinks menu has landed! We're all about brain health and optimal functioning this month. Click to learn more!
Feel better this January. We’re going to honest here…January is our least favourite month. There we’ve said it and we’ll say it again, it ranks 12 in our list of top months.
Christmas is over, it’s dark outside ALL the time, that Christmas Eve pay cheque; which seemed great then, is now being stretched to the max and to top it all off there is this pressure to make life altering commitments. Quite frankly, we’d rather stay in bed.
But the start of a new year; 2019, is a good time to refocus and think about you. Rather than making promises to the gym and a brand ‘new you’ why not give ‘current you’ a bit of a wellbeing hug. We know we’re not alone in hating January, which is why we’re concentrating on boosting our mood and overall feel good factor; physically and mentally.
We’ve designed 3 drinks to deal with January head on; not only are the ingredients potent stress reducers & immunity boosters but they taste great. A wellbeing hug in a cup.
High Vibes Shot 5-HTP, CBD, Mucuna Pruriens, Rose Water, Cherry Active & Coconut M*lk
A powerhouse in a shot glass with 5 active ingredients to make January better. 5-HTP increases serotonin levels giving you a mood boost. Mucuna pruriens and CBD help to alleviate stress and reduce anxiety while rose water and cherry active will give your immune system a much-needed helping hand.
Blue Pearl Shot Pearl Powder, E3 Live, Hazelnut M*lk
Just 3 simple ingredients, but this delicious tasting shot has the power to turn your day around. Pearl powder (your new best friend) has been used in Chinese medicine for years as a calming, mind stabiliser and for radiant skin. E3 live, a complete food, provides over 65 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids for an all-round wellness uplift.
Bloom & Glow Latte Ashwagandha, Pearl, Rose Water, Beetroot, Coconut Nectar, Oat M*lk
Ashwagandha, an adaptogen, will relieve feelings of stress and anxiety along with giving you an immune boost. Pearl powder will add to the calming effect making this the most chilled out latte around. A great swap for your morning latte or as an afternoon pick-me-up.
Available in all store throughout January and February. Share your pictures of them with us on Instagram @planetorganic

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