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Our Rainbow Lattes

Our Rainbow Lattes

Tuesday, 20th December 2016

We’ve all been tempted by the infamous pumpkin spice latte to warm us up and make us feel festive.

Unfortunately most high street winter drinks are packed full of sugar, making sticking to your health goals and enjoying a break from your normal coffee routine difficult.

We have created a new range of speciality hot drinks to satisfy your taste buds and give you an added health boost. Something which is very important over the Winter Months! Our Rainbow Latte range is a combination of old favourites and brand new additions, hand crafted by our baristas.

MATCHA LATTE: the classic combination of matcha green tea and dairy free milk.

CACAO LATTE: our delicious almond cacao just with a new name! Raw cacao, coconut nectar and almond milk for your chocolatey fix.

TUMERIC LATTE: brighten up your day with this golden latte, a combination of turmeric, spices and brown rice milk

MUSHROOM LATTE: mushrooms are powerful things. This latte combines the benefits of mushrooms with dairy free milk.

PITAYA LATTE: a newbie adding colour to our range. Raw cacao butter, pitaya and hazelnut milk make this pink drink taste like a white hot chocolate.

SUPERFOOD COFFEE: you’ve tried our coconut oil coffee, now try this new superfood version of your coffee x. Espresso, maca, reishi and your milk of choice.

E3 LATTE: get the benefits of algae with this combination of E3 Live and brown rice milk. Don’t be put off by the blue colour, this drink tastes delicious too.

BONE BROTH: available in chicken and beef, this nutrient dense drink is a great winter warmer. 


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